Sun protection for balcony and terrace.

Vertical sun protection for house and winter garden

Vertical awnings are primarily used to protect interiors from heating up due to solar radiation. In summer, it is advisable to use a sunshade before the sun's rays can enter the building through the glass front. This is the only way to counteract heat build-up. Often, the use of vertical awnings can eliminate the need for additional air conditioning.

Due to the large glass surfaces, high temperatures develop quickly in winter gardens. This is because rooms that are enclosed by a large area of glass can, as is well known, heat up considerably due to the warmth of the sunlight. With markilux vertical awnings, the heat input can be significantly reduced. In addition, vertical awnings can be used as a design element and thus visually enhance the building.



Vertical awnings
for glass surfaces, terraces and balconies

The variety of possible applications for markilux vertical awnings is large: classically attached to the window or as sun protection for glass surfaces on conservatories or patio roofs. For all-round protection on the terrace or free-standing in the garden, the external blinds can be combined with markilux pergola awnings or markilux markant. Vertical awnings are even used on balconies.

In addition to the main function of protection from the sun, vertical awnings also perform functions such as wind and privacy. Choose transparent fabrics that allow you to see outside even when the awning is down. The sun and unwanted glances are still kept out.

Mounting options
for markilux vertical awnings

Special features
of markilux vertical awnings

Vertical awnings from markilux bring with them various advantages. Equipped with round or angular full cassette, the sun protection on the one hand fits perfectly into the appearance of the facade. On the other hand, the awning cover and technology are protected from external influences by the cassette, so that you will enjoy your external blind awning for a long time.

If you choose the markilux tracfix option, your vertical awning will be more wind-stable. The awning cover is guided laterally without a gap between the fabric cover and the guide track. This makes the awning visually closed and gives it a higher degree of stability. You can also achieve a beautiful appearance by choosing the awning cover. Color, pattern and structure contribute to the vertical awning becoming a design element on the house.

If you want a sunshade that does not block the view outside, there are various options for equipping your awning. Transparent fabrics or panoramic windows are suitable for various purposes.

about markilux vertical awnings

Vertical awnings are awnings that are guided vertically. They often serve as sun and glare protection in front of the window. Depending on the awning fabric, they can be light transmission or darken rooms. Vertical awnings prevent indoor spaces from heating up by intercepting sun rays before they can enter the building. Additionally, external blind awnings provide privacy.

Unlike folding-arm awnings, vertical awnings do not have folding arms that stretch the awning cover. In vertically moving awnings, the fabric cover is guided vertically downward in guide tracks.

In principle, any fabric from the markilux collection one is suitable. We recommend the following

for special purposes:

  • Heat protection: If you want to protect your interiors particularly well from heat development, choose the fabric vuscreen ALU. Thanks to aluminium particles, sun rays are effectively reflected.
  • View to the outside: If you want good light and air permeability, choose the sunvas fabric transolair. The fabric with special perforation technology allows a view to the outside  while protecting you from outside gazes .

Depending on the model, there are different types of operation to choose from. Equipped with motors, you can operate the vertical awning electrically and even integrate it into your smart home.

Provided that your balcony has mounting options, external blinds can also be used on the balcony as a sunshade.

Yes, vertical awnings are wind resistant. Depending on the model and size, the wind resistance classes may vary. Equipped with markilux tracfix (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track), wind stability is also increased.

markilux vertical awnings are designed for mounting on the outside of the building or on awning systems. Choose between mounting on or in the facade by means of wall, stand-off or reveal fixture.

The prices for markilux vertical awnings vary depending on the model and size and result from other factors such as equipment options and installation by the specialist partner. We therefore recommend consulting with a markilux specialist partner, who will prepare an individual offer taking your wishes into account.

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