The best under the sun.


Make the rain take a detour.

A free-standing awning system in a class of its own: the markilux markant awning roof The free-standing awning system markilux markant is protection against sun, wind and rain, that can be tailored to your precise requirements. The awning, integrated into the frame, lends the system a textile character, its fabrics making it possible to create the pleasant colour ambience you have in mind. The markilux markant offers protection, security, freedom, outstanding looks and comfort in a purist design.


Your very own personal space in the open air Using vertical cassette roller blinds, wind protection and privacy screens in combination with the markilux markant, it is possible to create your very own outdoor space.

markant-Gastronomie Detail LED-Spots Tuch weiss 201810

On request – that little bit more Whether in combination with heaters, atmosphere-creating LED Line or LED Spotlighting: the markilux markant ticks every box in creating a feel-good space in the open air.


Versatile in both form and function As stand-alone unit or integrated into the existing architecture, the markilux markant makes a big impression in any situation.

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Successful implementations 

markilux markant 776 Ref Neubrandenburg 7
markant Ref Poznan 012 201809
markant Ref Hamburg 003
markilux markant MX-1 Ref Bad Zell 24
Ref markant Biel-Benken 025
Ref markant Klampenborg 001
markilux markant 776 Ref Neubrandenburg 17
markant Ref Poznan 005 201809
Ref markant Bielefeld 002
Ref markant Emstek 014
Ref markant Biel-Benken 016
markant Ref Poznan 008
markant Ref Dettensee 007
Ref markant Bielefeld 022
Ref markant Quellendorf 028
Ref markant Biel-Benken 001


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