markilux privacy screen & windbreak.
Side screens for your outdoor retreat.
markilux privacy screen & windbreak.
Side screens for your outdoor retreat.
Extended mx 790 awning with yellow fabric cover and gray frame provides shade. The awning is attached to a modern house and a yellow privacy screen with a slanted cut provides sufficient privacy.
Awning mx 6000 with cream-colored fabric cover and frame and mx format with white frame and blue fabric by day. Below a table group.

Wind and privacy prote
ction for garden, balcony and terrace:
vertical markilux awnings.

All-round thinking.

The stylish privacy and wind protection solutions from markilux are simply part of an atmospheric summer on the balcony and terrace. After all, there are only a few outdoor seating areas that are protected on all sides from the sun, wind and prying eyes. The resistant markilux side screens elegantly solve this problem for you - in a modern look, just the way you like it.

markilux 790

Are you longing for sun protection that provides all-round protection? Then markilux side screens are the perfect complement to your markilux folding-arm awning. You can choose whether you want the markilux 790 to match the design and tilt of your folding-arm awning, or whether you want to add a visual accent with the side screen. With the markilux 790, you get a beautiful privacy that simultaneously keeps lateral sun rays and wind away from your terrace.

Product advantages

Side screen can be adjusted to the inclination of the awning by diagonal cut

Flexible extension lengths

Movable docking posts available

Various brackets for almost any mounting situation

Extended mx 790 awning with yellow fabric cover and gray frame provides shade. The awning is attached to a modern house and a yellow privacy screen with a slanted cut provides sufficient privacy.

markilux format

markilux format: the awning for more privacy and wind protection. As a complement to sun protection, side screens help create a cozy outdoor area. Modern and elegant, the individually configurable elements blend into the overall concept. An awning as privacy provides light-heartedness and a feeling of security. At the same time, this sense of security is further enhanced by protection from the wind, which means that spending time in the garden is always comfortable.

Product advantages

Windbreak element for awning systems

Privacy screen for more privacy

Individually extendable

Movable elements in the variants slide and lift

Awning mx format striking with white frame and blue fabric cover, as well as radiant heaters. Including an outdoor seating area.

markilux external blinds

markilux external blinds are not only suitable for use as window awnings. Combined with awning systems such as the markilux markant, markilux pergola models or conservatories and patio roofs, they offer several advantages for your outdoor living. In addition to the function of sun protection, markilux external blinds offer the possibility of creating a protected space outside. With the use of the awning as a windbreak and privacy, a cozy ambience in the garden or on the balcony is sure.

Product advantages

Perfect complement for markilux awning systems, patio roofs and pergola models

Lateral sun protection

Windbreak & privacy screen for garden and balcony

Available with panoramic window on request

Yellow conservatory awning on a patio roof and frontal is vertical blind with panoramic window.

markilux shadeplus

Enjoy your free time in the garden or on the balcony, even when the sun is already slowly setting. The lower the sun is, the more it shines under the awning, so additional glare protection makes sense. Many markilux awning models offer the shadeplus option for this purpose. If required, a vertical awning can be extended from the front profile - privacy and wind protection included.

Product advantages

Provides additional shade - even when the sun is setting

Blocks out unwanted glances

Stores the heat of the day under the awning in the evening

Flexible extension height

Open markilux 1300 awning with blue fabric cover on a balcony with infrared heater

Advantages of markilux awnings as privacy and wind protection
for the garden and balcony

In summer, we spend a lot of time outdoors to make the most of the nice weather. It is therefore all the more important that the outdoor area is also designed to be inviting and, at the same time, a safe retreat for the whole family. In addition to the classic awnings that provide protection from above, side sun protection should not be neglected. Because the sun moves and thus the shade also shifts during the day. In our assortment you will find both static and retractable lateral awning elements, which, following the example of our folding arm, pergola and external blinds, present themselves with a simultaneously robust and perfectly shaped design.

However, side screens not only provide shade, but are also suitable for privacy. Enjoy privacy on your patio or balcony - without the feeling of being watched. With the right awning cover, your neighbors will not be able to look at your terrace. However, due to the structure of the fabric, you can see through the slightly transparent fabric. This way, your view is preserved for the most part.

Vertical awnings as privacy also offer the advantage of keeping light wind off your patio or balcony. With an awning as a windbreak, your patio becomes a place of well-being. Enjoy the summer to the fullest - no matter whether the sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing or the neighbors on the balcony next door are also outside.

The wind and privacy protection from markilux with its textile character is suitable for both the private sector and the catering industry. If desired, we can equip our awning systems for business customers with side screens that efficiently shield outdoor seating areas and protect them from various weather conditions. Would you like to have your privacy printed? That is also possible with markilux.

If you are looking for ideas for modern privacy and wind protection for your garden, balcony or terrace, browse our range and discover the variety of colors and sizes of our custom-made side screens.

about markilux awnings as privacy or wind protection

Whether you are looking for a side privacy screen from the neighbor for your semi-detached house or modern windbreak ideas for your garden, at markilux you will find the right awning for many applications. In the form of our markilux 790 side screen, we offer you a retractable privacy screen that can also serve as efficient sun protection when the sun is low in the sky. This awning model is an elegant and flexible solution if you want to maintain your privacy from neighbors and passers-by. Thanks to an optional diagonal cut, this modern privacy screen can also be used together with a folding-arm awning, as well as on balconies and terraces with a sloping roof overhang. In addition, the markilux 790 can also be used as a privacy screen without a foundation. In this case, the awning frame is stabilized at one end against the wall and at the other, for example, with granite slabs.

If you are looking for static or sliding privacy screen elements for your garden, we recommend our markilux format product family. You can use the imaginative awning elements from this product line, for example, as a kind of outdoor paravent and room divider on your patio or also as a privacy screen by the pool. Or you can use them - in combination with guide tracks - as a wind and privacy screen that can be moved sideways (format slide) or up and down (format lift). markilux format also ideally complements your markilux pergola awning or your free-standing markilux markant awning system and thanks to customization, it can be used as a privacy screen for small or large gardens.

You are welcome to plan the markilux 790 yourself in advance using our online awning configurator. Try out different sizes, awning fabrics and frame colors. If you are interested in the markilux format, please contact a markilux specialist partner near you directly. He will accompany you professionally from planning to installation. They will also be able to advise you on all aspects of building regulations and answer any questions you may have about the height of privacy screens in the garden. Please feel free to contact them.

Side screens are privacy screens for the garden, but of course, just like folding-arm awnings, they also serve as sun shades. This allows you to enjoy your favorite outdoor spot even when the sun is low, without being unpleasantly blinded. Another advantage is that the awning protects against light wind. If you decide to use the markilux format elements as privacy awnings, you have the option of choosing movable elements that can be moved in height or horizontally. If the awning is to serve as a windbreak, you can also integrate a panoramic window. This way, daylight continues to reach the terrace and, as a transparent windbreak, markilux format ensures an unobstructed view. Panoramic windows are also possible with some models of vertical blinds.

In light winds, the markilux 790 side screen, markilux format awning elements or vertical blinds can be used as windbreaks for the terrace or balcony. markilux shadeplus is also available for some folding-arm awning models.

To increase the sun protection on your patio or balcony, a side awning or shadeplus is a useful addition. Shadeplus can be integrated into the front profile so that the sun is blocked from the front. Protection from the sun's rays coming in from the side is provided, for example, by the markilux 790 side awnings. A special feature of this model is that the awning can be adjusted to the angle of the folding arm awning by means of a diagonal cut.

The markilux 790 and markilux format models in the lift and slide versions can be used flexibly. If necessary, the markilux 790 side screen can be extended using the pull handle. In addition, a mobile docking post mounted on a slab of granite is available, which also allows for versatile installation. markilux format slide and lift offer the advantage that the elements can be moved sideways or raised or lowered as needed.

The markilux 790 side awning, which you can extend if required, is suitable as a privacy screen for the balcony. The bracket for the pull handle can be attached to the handrail. In addition, depending on the structural conditions, vertical awnings can also be used as privacy and shade.

Vertical awnings for conservatories, patio roofs and awning systems are often indispensable as privacy or wind protection, available with panoramic windows depending on the model and create a particularly cozy atmosphere in the garden.

The vertical awning in the awning is particularly recommended for terraces and balconies with a south/south-west orientation, as it protects against low sun and rising wind in the evening. However, a shadeplus is also worthwhile for other orientations, as it additionally serves as a privacy screen and provides privacy. If the shadeplus is lowered, the heat of the day is retained longer and you benefit from the summer temperatures in the evening.

Feel free to visit one of our in-house markilux showrooms, where you'll find the largest selection of ready-assembled markilux side screens. We'll be happy to show you in person how your custom privacy can look. Alternatively, you can get an idea of awnings as privacy screens for balconies and gardens at a markilux specialist partner near you.

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