High quality sun protection for your window front

The external blind awnings from markilux offer a wealth of advantages over conventional shading systems. They provide effective protection from the sun's glare and prevent your premises from heating up in a climate-friendly manner.

At the same time, markilux external blind awnings bathe your interiors in soft daylight without completely blocking out the sun. Transparent awning fabrics allow a view of the outdoors while protecting you from outside gazes.

Even if you are looking for vertical sun protection for your terrace or balcony, a window awning for clamping or sun protection for your triangular window, you will find what you are looking for with our external blinds. The markilux vertical awnings for windows are versatile, can be operated with playful ease and can also be integrated into most home automation systems. Get to know our range of first-class external blinds for windows in more detail now.

Vertical cassette awnings

The special feature of the external blind awnings is the vertical fabric guide. The awning cover is guided vertically over the entire height in front of the window and provides optimum privacy and glare protection. When retracted, it is protected from wind and weather in the full cassette; when extended, it is perfectly tensioned. The diverse range of brackets with patented clip system offers individual installation options, from discreet to accentuated. With the various models in the external blind range, any interior can be individually shaded and cooled.


Sun, privacy and glare protection

Various mounting options (wall, spacer, reveal fixture)

Convenient operation

Modern design

High-quality vertical awning for windows: markilux 776/876
View from the bedroom to the outside. The vertical blaind awnings markilux 876 with white fabric cover are half lowered.
Detail view of vertical blaind awning markilux 876, gray fabric cover, on a white plaster building.
  • markilux 620/625

  • markilux 710

  • markilux 776/876

Drop-arm cassette awning

Drop-arm cassette awnings are suitable as sun protection for windows as well as balconies. The use of drop arms with high-quality stainless steel gas springs creates optimal cover tension. The fully enclosing cassette protects the fabric cover perfectly and the small cassette profile provides a discreet look that matches any building. In addition to wall, ceiling and reveal fixture, it is also possible to install the awning between the floor and ceiling using telescopic aluminum standpipes with a clamping device - perfect for balconies. Attached to the window, drop-arm cassette awnings are an attractive accessory for the facade.


Various mounting options (wall, spacer, reveal fixture)

Telescopic standpipes available for mounting without drilling

Cover tension due to drop arm draw

Jewel on the house

Brick house with thatched roof, in front of the windows are white drop-arm cassette awnings markilux 730 with red and white striped fabric cover.
Fenstermarkise 730-776 Mehrfamilienhaus Image 201810
Drop arm awning mx 730 with beige fabric cover installed on balcony of apartment building
  • markilux 730


A marquisolette is a combination of external blind and drop-arm cassette awning. In the upper area, the sun and privacy protection runs vertically; at the bottom, the incidence of light can be flexibly determined by the drop arms. A marquisolette can be inconspicuously integrated into the facade, creating an uncluttered appearance. When extended, this type of external blind is an eye-catcher that underlines the aesthetic facade design: shade provider and design element at the same time.


Combination of external blind and drop arm awning

Incidence of light can be flexibly determined by the drop arms

Maximum shading

Optimal view outside

White flat roof house with conservatory awning equipped with different awnings: red marquisolette markilux 740 and gray conservatory awning.
Marquisolette mx 740 with beige fabric cover installed on a balcony of an apartment building
View from inside to outside: window with marquisolette markilux 740 with gray fabric cover, extended.
  • markilux 740

Triangular blind

The markilux triangular blinds made to measure represent a clever system for special solutions. Triangular windows, skylights, gables and slopes receive customized sun protection thanks to markilux. The patented clip-on fixture of the guide tracks and the diverse range of brackets allow for various installation options. With a custom-made electric triangular blind, the unusual shape of the fabric means that the awning fabric is even more in focus than with classic folding-arm awnings or pergola awnings, for example. The awning covers from markilux, which are manufactured with the highest precision, are impressive: They make the triangular external blind a real highlight, not only technically, but also visually.


Sun and privacy protection for special windows

Mounting outside, inside, vertical, horizontal or inclined

Round cover cassette with brush seal at the cloth outlet

Tesioning system with high tensile strength pulley cables

View from the garden on a brick house with attached winter garden, which is adjacent to a terrace with a pond. The winter garden has awnings for shading. The gable is equipped with a yellow triangular blind markilux 893.
Detail view: rope tension of the triangular blind markilux 893 (white frame, yellow fabric cover)
Detail view: cassette of the triangular blind markilux 893 (white frame, yellow fabric cover)
  • markilux 893

Alternative uses
for markilux window awnings | external blinds.

external blinds are classically used as window awnings to protect the interior from sunlight. In addition, external blinds can also be used as sun protection for balconies, conservatories or patio roofs.

Depending on the structural conditions of a balcony, different external blinds can come into question - even if a fastening must do without drilling. In this case, our model markilux 730 provides a remedy. Simply clamp the awning between the floor and ceiling of the balcony.

If you have a winter garden or a terrace roof, the first choice is often an on-glass awning or an under-glass awning, which can already intercept a large part of the sun's rays. However, due to the installation on or under the glass roof, only the radiation coming from above is reduced. For all-round protection, we recommend additionally integrating external blinds.

Sunshade for the

A markilux external blind is also the perfect solution for the balcony at home:

  • markilux 620/625

  • markilux 730

  • markilux 740

Side sunshade for
winter garden
terrace roof

Simply block out strangers' glances and the low sun. Sit protected from wind and weather. With a markilux external blind:

  • markilux 776

  • markilux 620/625

  • markilux 876

Multiple options
for your external blind.

Just as diverse as the models and applications of our external blinds, are the available options and possible product configurations.

Your very own private sunshine.
Three good reasons. Countless possibilities.

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about window awnings | external blinds

external blinds are awnings that are mounted outside in front of the window. They protect from direct sunlight, wind and prevent heating of the interior. In addition to sun protection, external blinds also provide privacy by blocking views from the outside.

  • Effective sun protection: markilux external blind awnings provide optimum protection against UV rays and serve as glare protection.
  • Privacy: markilux awning covers for external blinds provide privacy. While views from the outside are prevented, the view into the open air is still maintained with the right fabric.
  • Textile sun protection for more living comfort: The awning covers let softly tuned daylight into the interior of the building and reflect - depending on color and texture - a large part of the UV and infrared heaters. According to the motto "free view without insight", with the textile shades from markilux you always keep a clear view and are even protected from unwanted glances from the outside. In addition, depending on the choice of awning fabric, you determine how much light shines into the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. Choose from a versatile selection of over 200 fabric patterns the variants that suit you and your home. Discover the fabrics in collection one and have fabric samples sent to you to let the fabrics work for you. If your desired color is not included, we will produce it on request according to RAL. We produce your individual external blind according to your wishes.

For external blinds, the fabric patterns from the

section are particularly suitable.

  • Sun protection with a view: transolair is a sunvas fabric with special perforation technology for pleasant transparency as well as good light and air permeability. The perforated awning cover allows a view of the outdoors while at the same time providing protection from outside gazes. It ensures air exchange between fabric cover and glass. Accumulated heat is reduced.
  • Sun protection with climate protection: vuscreen ALU is a modern sun and glare protection for markilux external blind awnings. The slightly transparent fabric cover with aluminum particles on the high-tech fabric reflects sun rays particularly effectively.

The wind resistance class of the external blinds varies depending on the model and size, but at least class 2. We recommend professional advice from a markilux specialist partner in your area.

Yes, markilux external blinds can be controlled electrically. You have the choice: manual operation, drive with motor or radio-controlled motor with remote control are possible depending on the model.

If you are looking for a window awning without drilling, you can order the drop-arm cassette awning markilux 730 as a clamp awning. In addition to the classic installation, telescopic standpipes can be selected, which are clamped between the floor and ceiling. This flexible variant is particularly suitable for mounting on the balcony.

Depending on the design of the balcony, in addition to the classic folding-arm awnings, external awnings can also be considered for shading.

If you want to protect your patio roof or conservatory not only from the sun shining in from above, external blinds are an option to prevent the sun from shining in from the side as well. Thus, the combination of conservatory awning and external blind provides all-round protection that prevents the conservatory from heating up.

Feel free to visit one of our in-house markilux showrooms to experience our external blinders and other awning models for external shading live. Alternatively, a specialist dealer near you will be happy to advise you. He or she will prepare an individual offer for your custom-made external cassette awning, drop-arm cassette awning, marquisolette or triangular awning, including all costs and concrete prices with installation, after taking precise measurements on site. If you need spare parts for your markilux sun protection, your specialist dealer can also help you. Please feel free to contact us.

Would you like to know what a external blind for your windows costs? We will gladly forward your inquiry to one of our specialized trade partners in your region. He will inform you about prices according to your individual wishes regarding model, size and equipment options of the awning. After taking measurements at your location, he will send you an individual offer including delivery and installation for your custom-made external blind awning. Simply fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Sun protection that effectively helps against heat indoors is becoming increasingly important. The options are many and varied. Whether exterior or interior sun protection is more suitable depends primarily on the structural conditions. Where possible, however, externally mounted systems offer greater heat protection. A external blind installed outside the window is more effective. This absorbs the sun's rays before they can enter the building.

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