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Enjoy life outside.
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As soon as the first rays of sunshine come out, the urge to go out, get some fresh air and sunshine and enjoy life outside your own four walls begins. Whether it's a terrace, balcony or garden - the right atmosphere plays an important role. With markilux design awnings, spending time outside becomes a real pleasure.

That little extra for your awning

In addition to their original function of providing shade, awnings and awning systems from markilux offer further benefits that raise your time outdoors to a higher level.

Modern colours, convenient operating technology, optional lighting elements and additional extras such as radiant heaters leave nothing to be desired and make being outside a pleasure - even when the sun is not shining.

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Retrofittable accessories for your individual needs

More privacy through privacy screens

In the foreground of the terrace is the extended markilux 6000 with cream-colored frame and fabric cover. It looks like a summer evening atmosphere.

There's no place like home - whether indoors or outdoors. Nevertheless, there is often a feeling of limited privacy if not all sides of the garden are closed off from the neighbours.

On your own terrace, you don't want to feel like you're being watched. At least it's much easier to relax without strangers looking in - after all, who likes to sit on the proverbial platter?

More comfort through remote control, smart or weather-dependent control

Who hasn't experienced it? The sun is shining, you're enjoying the summer and you can cool off with a refreshing ice cream in the garden. But if you sit there for a longer time, it quickly gets too warm without sun protection. There's only one thing to do: extend the awning.

Don't feel like getting up? Then we recommend additional equipment for more comfort: simply remain seated and watch the awning extend.

One person is about to control the awning by tablet via smart home

More warmth for a longer night

1300-Balkon Detail Volant Wärmestrahler 201911

While during the day, when the sun is shining with all its might, one would often be happy about a little fresh wind, in the evening it often gets chilly quickly. So the cosy evening on the terrace quickly threatens to turn into the opposite.

So that the cosy get-together does not have to end prematurely, a well thought-out outdoor concept can help.

More brightness despite setting sun

When the day slowly draws to a close and darkness falls, the desire for atmospheric lighting in the garden, on the terrace and on the balcony grows.

Candlelight is a harmonious way to end the evening, but in certain situations, such as a games evening with family or friends, more brightness is an advantage.

Extra-710-LED-Spotline 1710-201701

Extension of the outdoor season

Outdoor living is no longer limited to the summer. Life often takes place outside in spring, autumn or winter as well. With the right precautions, outdoor living can be a complete success even in colder seasons. Because, as we all know, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong equipment.

Ring in the summer sooner

After the cold winter, the longing for sun and natural warmth becomes greater - all the nicer when the first signs of spring then become visible. The feeling of the first warm rays of sun on the skin makes the desire for more time outdoors grow. Unfortunately, when the first buds sprout, most plants do not yet offer privacy. A cosy atmosphere is nevertheless created thanks to radiant heaters, lighting and windbreaks.

Reference picture of an MX-3 as a terrace awning from a family house in Aalsmeer, Netherlands.

Extend the summer

markilux #designherbst

Even if the sun shows its best side again in the golden autumn, it no longer has the power of summer. Add wind to the mix and it quickly becomes uncomfortable. With the right wind and weather protection, however, the outdoor season can be extended without any problems. A positive side effect is the protection from unwanted glances when bushes and hedges become thinner. Light and heat radiators make your favourite outdoor spot attractive even in winter.

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