markilux 730
markilux 730
Three mx 730 awnings with cream-colored fabric and frame attached to a thatched house
drop-arm awning markilux 730 with yellow fabric cover and white frame on several balconies of an apartment building

Optional standpipes for balcony mounting.

The awning can be clamped between the ceiling and the floor.

Robust drop arms.

Perfect cover tension due to gas pressure spring technology.

Drop arm cassette awning markilux 730

A classic looking cassette awning that protects from the sun while still allowing a view to the outside. The drop arms with gas pressure springs stretch the fabric cover at an angle of up to 140 degrees to the window. The front profile with spring-assisted locking mechanism closes the awning flush under the cassette. Telescopic standpipes are optionally available for mounting on the balcony.

Your advantages

Awning with drop arms for optimum cover tension

Decorative accessory for windows

Fully enclosing cassette perfectly protects the fabric cover

Optional standpipes available for installation between floor and ceiling

Detail picture of the drop arm cassette awning markilux 730 in anthracite

Features of the markilux 730

markilux drop arm cassette awning. Stands out from the crowd. And catches the eye.

Best sun protection with a good view. Drop-arm awnings offer you the clear advantage of not having to choose between light and shade, because you can have both at the same time. This is also the case with the exclusive markilux 730, which efficiently protects your interiors from the sun while still allowing a view to the outside and letting in the necessary amount of light. With the silhouette of a classic-looking vertical cassette awning when closed and an exciting, geometric look when open, our drop-arm awnings give your house facade a look full of character.

Technical information
markilux 730

Awning type

Drop-arm awning

Maximum width x extension

700 x 250 cm



Area to be shaded

17.5 sqm

Cassette depth x height

95 x 95 mm


manual operation

hard-wired motor

radio-controlled motor

Cover guidance system

drop arms 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 cm

Cover tension

gas pistons

available fabric covers




smart art


perla FR

Fixture type

face, top, reveal

wedge-in accro bars

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

2 | 5 → 28 – 37 km/h

frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

metallic aluminium, RAL 9006

grey brown, similar to RAL 8019

off-white textured finish, 5233

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

havana brown textured finish, 5229

non-standard RAL colours

markilux 730 reference gallery.
Successful implementations at customers.

  • Three drop-arm cassette awnings markilux 730 with white fabric cover are attached to the roof of a veranda.
  • Three drop-arm cassette awnings markilux 730 with white fabric cover are attached to the roofing of a veranda, view from the side.
  • Three drop-arm cassette awnings markilux 730 with white fabric cover are attached to the roofing of a veranda, view from inside.
  • Gray drop-arm cassette awning markilux 730 in front of a window.
  • White drop-arm cassette awning markilux 730 attached to the wooden columns of a house projection, blue house.
  • White drop-arm cassette awning markilux 730 fixed in front of a window, above a raised terrace connected by steps to the garden.
  • Several drop-arm cassette awnings markilux 730 with blue and white striped fabric cover, installed in front of the windows of a white plaster building.
  • Grey drop-arm cassette awning markilux 730, printed with branding, on the window front of a bakery
  • Gray drop-arm cassette awnings markilux 730, printed with branding, on the window front of a bakery. Side view from below.

markilux awning tools.
Use our various markilux awning tools to make the right decision.

Through our years of experience as awning experts, we have developed many useful tools over the years that should make choosing the right awning as easy as possible for you:

  • With the markilux awning comparison you can easily & quickly compare all awning models and find the right one for you.
  • With the markilux Augmented Reality App you can individualize your desired awning and visualize it live on your house wall using the latest AR technology.
  • With our markilux awning fabric finder you can overview our entire awning fabric range and order fabric samples directly to your home.

about the markilux 730

The markilux 730 is a drop-arm cassette awning for shading windows up to seven meters wide.

A drop-arm cassette awning is primarily suitable for use in front of a window. Unlike vertical blinds, drop-arm awnings often do not require the awning to be lowered to the ground to achieve a similar shading result. Since the awning thus does not cover the entire height of the window, the interior remains brighter and the view outside is maintained.

The drop arms of the markilux 730 with high-quality stainless steel gas springs ensure optimum cover tension.

As standard, the drop-arm cassette awning markilux 730 is equipped with a crank. Optionally, the model is available in electric version with motor for control by remote control, sun, wind and rain sensor or app.

You can choose between different mounting options for the markilux 730: Ceiling mounting, wall mounting or mounting in the window niche. Optionally, the markilux 730 is also suitable as a clamp-on awning for balconies.

If desired, there is the option to equip the markilux 730 with stand pipes and clamping device. This makes it possible to install an awning between the floor and ceiling - ideal for balconies.

Find your personal favorite fabric from our collection one. Choose your favorite from over 200 fabric patterns in different colour schemes, patterns and properties. Since the markilux 730 is a window shade, slightly transparent fabrics are particularly suitable. In this way, daylight continues to enter the building despite the sun protection. Get an overview of our awning fabrics in our fabric finder.

If you are interested in a drop-arm cassette awning, we recommend a visit to one of our exhibitions. In our markilux showrooms in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Lörrach, Salzburg or Emsdetten you can experience the markilux 730 live. Get to know the advantages and the uniqueness of the model on site. We will be happy to advise you about our vertical blainds and their special features.

In addition, you can get an overview of our product selection at a markilux specialist partner near you.

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