Stores sur verrières pour vérandas

Profitez de votre jardin d’hiver même pendant les journées chaudes Votre store sur verrière markilux réfléchit le rayonnement éblouissant du soleil, la lumière UV et une grande partie de la radiation thermique tout en baignant votre jardin d’hiver dans une lumière naturelle agréable. La chaleur reste dehors et vous profitez de votre intérieur. Que les surfaces soient petites ou grandes, que les toits soient classiques ou en croupe – vous apprécierez les températures agréables et vous façonnerez votre jardin d’hiver selon vos idées personnelles.

Under- or Above-glass awning – what´s the difference?

Whether an underglass or above-glass awning is more suitable for you depends on the requirements that your shade provider should meet. In some cases, however, the structural conditions of your conservatory or patio enclosure may also determine which awning model is right for you.

Differences and potential benefits of a rooftop awning VS. an under-glass awning:

  • With a rooftop awning, you don't lose room height because the awning is mounted from the outside.

  • An above-glass awning protects all of your glass or polycarbonate roof - even beyond its edge.

  • When retracted, the awning disappears completely from your field of vision.

If you have general questions about our awnings, please contact markilux Customer Service . For detailed questions or if you would like to purchase a markilux rooftop awning, please contact your local markiux specialist dealer directly. They will advise you, take on-site measurements, prepare personal offer sand take care of deliveries and installations of your high-quality awning. Feel free to contact us and find out the specific price of your custom-made above-glass awning.