O melhor 

debaixo do sol 


The markilux Marquisolette. 

The most successful combination of light and shade. 

A marquisolette lends a façade an aesthetic look: the markilux 740/840 

In the upper section, the solar and visual protection runs vertically, in the lower section the amount of incoming light can be determined in a flexible manner depending on the position of the drop arms. The height of the area to be shaded vertically can be set to fulfil your individual requirements in terms of maximum shade and a perfect view outside. 

Tuch-AnwendungsBsp Fenster 740-840 vuscreen ALU-anthrazit-201701


Fenstermarkise 740-Detail Kassette eckig anthrazit-201911

markilux 740 

Caja cuadrada de la lona, 95 × 95 mm, en estándar con embellecedor: Ofrece un aspecto ordenado en la posición recogida. 

Fenstermarkise 840-876-Detail Kassette rund anthrazit-201911

markilux 840 

Caja redonda de la lona, Ø 115 mm, protege la lona estando el toldo recogido.