Det bästa 

under solen 

Great performance. 

And beautiful details. 

A folding-arm awning for patios, balconies and niches: the markilux 1710 and the markilux 1710 stretch 

The markilux 1710 interprets the classic awning shape in a contemporary manner. The conspicuously round torque bar merges organically with the round cassette to form an elegant design feature. Due to its shape and the timelessly beautiful decorative features made from polished chrome, the markilux 1710 will suit almost any patio. 

Options for this cassette awning. 

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1710 LED-Line Gelenkarme 202103

LED Line in the folding arms 

Turn night into day. And make your al fresco lifestyle more comfortable and pleasant. 

Markis för terrasser, balkonger och nischer: markilux 1710

Polished chrome fittings 

Side caps matching the awning colour or deliberately emphasised in finely polished chrome. This awning can simply wear anything. 


Kassettenmarkise markilux 1710 stretch 202103

markilux 1710 stretch 

For great performance on narrow patios, balconies and in recesses: thanks to the two crossover arms even awnings with a narrow width can extend considerably further. 



Alternatives to the markilux 1710 


  • markilux 1700

  • markilux 1600

  • markilux 930

  • markilux 1300