markilux markiser. Solskydd från marknadsledaren.

MX-2 i silverfärgad kvällsscen

Timmar av avslappnad rekreation eller samvaro med familj och vänner - det är värdefulla stunder när livet utspelar sig utomhus. Designmarkiser från markilux ger inte bara skugga, de öppnar nya sätt att njuta av livet.

De ger skydd under varma dagar och skapar en mysig atmosfär även när solen har gått ner för länge sedan. Beslutet om en markilux designmarkis är ett beslut om bästa kvalitet "Made in Germany" - och om många bekymmersfria timmar utomhus.

Upptäck vårt sortiment av markiser nu och få ett första intryck av våra exklusiva vikarmmarkiser, pergolamarkeringar, vinterträdgårdsmarkiser och mycket mer! En markis som ett arkitektoniskt uttryck? Absolut! Förutom sin primära funktion som solskydd är markilux markiser en verklig visuell berikning för ditt hem. När det gäller design, materialkvalitet och teknik är våra markiser förstahandsvalet om du vill ha ett högkvalitativt, hållbart och estetiskt solskydd utan kompromisser.

Awning and sun protection in perfection

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Which awning is right for you? Find it with the markilux awning finder

When you ask which awning you should buy, there is a lot more to consider besides simply the right size. The ideal awning not only offers you optimum protection from the sun and privacy, but also visually matches the architecture of your home.

As experienced awning specialists, we know that the decision which awning to buy is not always easy with our range being so wide. That is why we would like to give you the best possible support in your search for your dream awning. With our awning finder, the “WAYN” Guide, we guide you step by step through the selection process and limit the product range based on your answers. The final conclusion will have taken into account your preferences and needs as well as our expertise.

Upptäck våra olika produkter

Terrassenmarkisen / Balkonmarkisen

Markiser för terrasser och balkonger

Innovativ markissteknik och högsta kvalitet, flera utmärkelser för avkopplande timmar utomhus, på terrassen eller balkongen. Låt oss inspirera, inspirera och ge dig råd nu.

Markiser för vinterträdgårdar/pergolamarkiser

Markiser för vinterträdgårdar och terrasser

Vardagsrum och täckta terrasser kombinerar det bästa av inomhus och utomhus. Med markilux markiser för glasrum är de perfekt skuggade.


Markiser för pergola och skuggning av stora områden.

Sol- och väderskydd för stora ytor och pergolor från markilux för restauranger, hotell och stora trädgårdar.


Markiser för fönster

Perfekt insynsskydd, bländning och solskydd för fönster, glasrum och terrasstak och för ökad boendekomfort och klimatskydd.

Cassette awnings and folding-arm awnings

The cassette is the part of the awning that holds the folding arms when they are retracted. This means that folding-arm awnings and cassette awnings are not different awning models. A folding-arm awning can have a full or semi-cassette and a cassette awning can have folding arms.

The markilux pergola awnings

Our pergola awnings are patio awnings with several fixture points: on the one hand, a pergola awning is fixed to the façade; on the other, it has posts that are anchored in the ground or in sturdy stabilisation boxes. Furthermore, a pergola awning is fixed laterally by guide rails along walls. A pergola awning is thus a particularly sturdy awning model with numerous beneficial features. Find out more about the markilux pergola now!

Conservatory awnings and glass canopy awnings

If you would like to shade your conservatory or covered patio, you can have a special conservatory awning installed, or alternatively opt for an above-glass awning or an underglass awning.

While an above-glass awning protects the patio roof not only from the sun's rays, but also from soiling, an underglass awning is largely shielded from weather-related stains and dirt.

Our freestanding awnings

The special thing about freestanding awnings is that they are not attached to a wall but fixed to the ground. As they are fixed to the ground (on the patio or in the actual soil), freestanding awnings can be used very flexibly: beside a pool, in the middle of a garden, at a jetty. There are no limits to your imagination here.

And if you don't want to or are not allowed to drill the roof or exterior wall of your building, freestanding awnings are an ideal alternative to classic folding-arm awnings.

A freestanding awning can be a parasol, but also an awning system – similar to a marquee. Explore the impressive markilux range to find suitable freestanding awnings.

Vertical roller blinds: an ideal alternative to shutters and Venetian blinds

Window blinds not only provide shade, they also visually embellish the façade of any house. Their biggest advantage over classic shutters and Venetian blinds, apart from their attractive appearance, is their functional diversity: depending on whether you want to let in more or less light and air into your home, you can choose between different styles of blind and types of fabric.

Get to know the exquisite markilux vertical roller blinds now.

More frequently asked questions and answers about awnings

If you are faced with the question “Which awning colour is the best?”, the following points will help you decide:

  • Which awning colour should I choose – from a practical point of view? As a rule, dark, muted colours are less sensitive than light, bright colours. But you don’t have to base a decision on the choice of colour for your awning on this principle! The top-quality markilux awning fabrics are highly water- and dirt-repellent. Thanks to their outstanding characteristics, they are hard-wearing and particularly durable in any colour finish. So thanks to the high quality of markilux awning fabrics, you can choose an awning colour to suit your taste.
  • Which awning colour should I choose – from a design point of view? markilux awnings are available in every conceivable colour and with different patterns. On request, we can even realise colour and other design wishes that are not available in our standard range. Given this wide choice, the question naturally arises: Which awning colour is the best? Try to find a colour that you like and that matches the colour of your home. You might want the awning to harmonise or even deliberately contrast with the colour of the plaster, the window and door frames, and also with other design elements such as the patio floor. But what should you do if your taste or even the colour of your façade changes and the awning colour is just not right any more? Don't worry! After all, you can simply have your markilux awning re-covered after a few years. Why not order some of our fabric samples to get a live impression of the colours, their intensity and the feel of our awning fabrics?

Awnings with stripes – you don’t get much more classic than that. But why are lots of awnings striped? There are several reasons why this particular design has prevailed:

  • Stripes in different colours create a fabric surface on which stains are less visible and annoying.

  • Stripes allow for particularly clean cut-off and connection points.

  • People associate striped fabrics with holiday, sea, beach and leisure time which is why they are particularly popular for awnings. Demand determines supply.

Nevertheless, there are definitely other colours and patterns you can use for awnings. In the markilux awning cover range, there are ca. 200 cover patterns, including special designer covers developed by the markilux experts. In addition, we also realise your very individual colour wishes on request on the basis of RAL. You can also order awning covers with logo printing for the hospitality and hotel industry. Take a look through our range of awning fabrics now.

Like so many other questions about awnings, there is no general answer that fits all cases. Which awning fabric is best depends on the area of use and your individual preferences and needs.

In the exclusive range of markilux awning covers, you will find the right awning fabric for your particular requirements: whether translucent, permeable, water-repellent or flame-retardant. Find the suitable fabric now with the markilux awning cover finder!

When it comes to the expert and safe installation of an awning, please make sure you contact a professional. You can rely on the certified markilux specialist partners to install your awning.

The qualified markilux specialist partner will take measurements on site and can advise you on every aspect of our awnings. They will not only provide you with a detailed offer, but will also deliver your new markilux awning and take care of its professional installation.

Use our "Find a store" function to find your local markilux specialist partner.

As is the case with installation, you can also contact a markilux specialist partner near you when it comes to giving your markilux awning a new cover. They will show you our current cover collection and help you to select a suitable awning fabric.

Our specialist partners will also be happy to help you if you need spare parts for your markilux awning or if you subsequently want to equip your awning with optimal accessories, such as a rain, sun and wind sensor or a motor.

Find your nearest specialist partner now and get in touch.

Yes, lots of markilux awnings can be converted from a manual awning into an electric one. If you would like to retrofit your awning with a motor, please contact your local markilux specialist dealer. They will advise you on the possibilities, prepare an offer for you and also take care of the professional installation of the motor.

Are you interested in other accessories such as awning lighting, infra-red heaters, rain sensors, light and wind sensors? Or would you prefer to control the electric awning using a smartphone app? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or one of our specialist partners.

When planning an awning, you should of course take the height into consideration. It's not just the height of the cassette that is relevant, but also the inclination angle when the awning is extended. So the latter should certainly be included in the equation. As a guideline, it is recommended you calculate a headroom of approx. 2 m at an inclination angle of approx. 15 degrees for extended awnings.

In the markilux range, you will also find special awnings with a particularly large inclination angle.

An electric awning naturally requires a motor that is connected to a power source. This motor automatically extends and retracts the awning. Electric awnings can be controlled using a wall switch, remote control or even a smartphone app.

Electric awnings can also be equipped with various accessories for even more comfort, including a:

  • Rain sensor

  • Light sensor

  • Wind sensor

These accessories extend or retract your awning independently depending on the weather and are therefore a very practical addition to the basic equipment. Explore the options open to you with electric awning accessories from markilux.

If you buy a markilux awning, you are unlikely to have to ask yourself this question because the exclusive markilux awnings feature a special awning fabric with a self-cleaning effect. The trick: when water droplets make contact with the awning fabric, they pick up dirt particles and run off the cover, taking the dirt with them.

If for some reason you do have to clean your awning, we recommend the following procedure:

  • Remove loose dirt, such as dust or damp leaves, with a soft brush.

  • Small stains that have accumulated can be treated carefully with a 5% soap solution (water temperature max. 30 degrees Celsius).

Markiser tål definitivt lätt duggregn. Vid kraftigt regn bör du dock fälla in markisen för att skydda markisväven, länkarmarna och tekniken.

På pergolamarkiser kan du sänka ner ett stödben så att regnvattnet leds bort. Markissystemen från markilux har till och med särskilda hål i markisväven och integrerat stuprör i stativet, genom vilken vattnet kan rinna ut.

Awnings can withstand occasional rain showers. However, permanent moisture can affect the awning fabric, frame and technology long term. Therefore, make sure you allow a wet awning to dry completely before retracting it.

Awnings can withstand weak or strong winds depending on the variant (brand, model, optimal options such as trackfix). Information on the stability of an awning can usually be found in the product description.

The markilux awnings are assigned to specific wind resistance classes. For example, an awning of resistance class 3 can withstand wind force 6.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the subject of wind force. Get in touch with us directly or contact a markilux specialist dealer near you.

Markiser för pergola

Pergolamarkiserna imponerar med sin stabila konstruktion. Detta gör dem särskilt lämpliga för stora områden. Tack vare den laterala tygstyrningen ger de optimalt sol- och väderskydd upp till en vindstyrka på 6. Dessutom kan de utrustas med många extra alternativ, t.ex. vind- och insynsskydd, ljus- eller värmeradiatorer.


Solskydd i stort format

Hög vindstabilitet

Perfekt utomhusmiljö med extra utrustning

Ett brett utbud av konstruktionsalternativ

markilux pergola cubic i grå med grønt stof på en terrasse

  • markilux pergola classic

  • markilux pergola kubisk

  • markilux pergola kompakt

  • markilux pergola stretch