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Precis passande trekantiga markiser för gavlar och snedtak: markilux 893

The markilux triangular blind. 

The pinnacle of efficiency. 

Made-to-measure triangular blind for gable windows and skylights: the markilux 893 


Triangular windows or skylights are fitted with made-to-measure solar protection from markilux. The sturdy full cassette protects the cover from soiling. The tensioning system which uses highly tear-resistant tensioning cords and integrated gas pistons ensures optimum cover stability at every stage of extension. 


The clever system offering bespoke solutions 

Patented clip-on fixture of the guide tracks to the brackets and the wide range of fixture options permit interior, exterior, vertical, horizontal or diagonal installation. 

Fenstermarkise 893-Detail Kassette-201911

markilux 893 

Round cover cassette, Ø 115 mm, with brush seal at cover exit point.