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Free-standing folding-arm awning stand: markilux planet 

The markilux planet is a parasol and awning in one. It’s an eye-catcher that provides perfect shading for your room outdoors. This awning-cum-parasol protects you from solar radiation with exceptional reliability; it is extremely sturdy, yet flexible in its deployment. With the Easy-Go lever in the flex variant, you can simply rotate it by up to 335 degrees – so you can have shade wherever it is required. The slim post carries the selected markilux designer awning with ease and the combination of functionality and design is impressive. The markilux planet is further proof that everything revolves around your requirements at markilux. 

Options for this free-standing awning system. 

planet-Pool Imagebild Schattenplus-201802.tif

markilux shadeplus 

This versatile protection against low-lying sun, inquisitive glances and glare in the front profile allows you to enjoy the late afternoon sun without having to worry about prying eyes. 

planet-Pool Detail EasyGoHebel-201701

flex option 

The markilux planet flex can be rotated and positioned wherever you need shading – by up to 335 degrees with the Easy-Go lever. 

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