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Above-glass awning markilux 770/870. 

Small format. Big impact. 

Unobtrusive above-glass awning for small conservatories: the markilux 770/870 

The markilux 770/ 870 creates a big impact with its slim format: The above-glass awning for small conservatories offers stylish shading. The high quality and comfort ensure years of enjoyment. As an above-glass awning for small conservatories, the markilux 770/870 is particularly compact, quiet and wind and weatherproof. 


markilux 770 

Exceptionally compact at only 125 × 125 mm, the square full cassette completely protects the awning cover. 

870-Detail Kassette 9016 Dessin 31003 201810.tif

markilux 870 

With a diameter of just 130 mm, the round cassette harmoniously nestles against the conservatory and provides all-round protection to the retracted cover. 


Square. Practical. Unobtrusive. 

Both the square markilux 770 awning for installation on top of a glass surface and its round counterpart are very quiet.Noise-reducing closing guides ensure the awning retracts with the minimum of noise. 


A round matter 

Using the markilux 770 or 870 you can shade up to 450 × 400 cm in a stylish manner and enjoy the comfort and quality of markilux for many years to come.