Rain sensors

In Germany, approx. 700 litres of rain fall on average per square metre every year. That is a lot for even the best of awnings to cope with.

Help your awning by fitting it with a rain sensor that ensures it is automatically retracted when it starts to rain.

The rain sensor can be fixed directly to a wall by means of a bracket or alternatively attached to e.g. the post of the awning itself. The power supply is ensured by sensor and power cables. Both are quick and easy to install. In addition to being easy to install, the sensor is impervious to both soiling and oxidisation by virtue of a foil that protects the contacts. If the temperature outside drops, the sensor regulates itself automatically by means of an integrated heater.

Product details

  • Sensor which reacts to rain and snow precipitation

  • Integrated, self-regulating heating

  • Simple installation of the sensor and power supply cable

  • UV-stable housing and cable

  • Resistant to dirt

  • Quick and easy installation possible thanks to fixture bracket

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