The best under the sun.

Underglass awning for glass canopies. Cosy and intimate. Under glass. A brilliant solution.

Underglass awning for glass canopies: the markilux 779/879 Spend the day outside in your own garden below a protective canopy. markilux designer awnings promise the best protection from too much sun and help create your very own cosy outdoor area. The cover extends under the glass canopy and is protected against dirt, wind and weather. All markilux underglass awnings impress with their compact, enclosed cassettes that blend harmoniously into the structure. Numerous lighting options are available to allow you to perfect the ambience in the evening.

The underglass awnings markilux 779 and 879 

Wintergartenmarkise 779-776-weisserKubusKlinker Detail Kassette 779 Profil eckig 201910

markilux 779 Compact square full cassette for those who prefer clean lines in their designs.

Wintergartenmarkise 779-776-weisserKubusKlinker Detail Kassette 879 Profil rund 201910

markilux 879 Attractive round full cassette for those who love flowing curves.

Options for this underglass awning. 

Wintergartenmarkise 779-776-weisserKubusKlinker Detail Schattenplus Innenansicht früher Abend Tuch grün 201910

A shadeplus complements your underglass awning The ideal addition to the markilux shading solution for glass canopies – completely in line with the clear design approach of markilux “Made in Germany”, it is integrated into the front profile of the underglass awning.

Wintergartenmarkise 779-776-weisserKubusKlinker Detail LED-Line Fuhrungsschiene Tuch grün 201910

LED Line attached to the guide tracks Energy efficient, stylish and, like all markilux lighting modules, conveniently dimmable by means of remote control. If desired, also available in the light bar.

Wintergartenmarkise 779-776-weisserKubusKlinker Detail LED-Spot früher Abend Tuch grün 201910

LED Spots Put your favourite spot skilfully in the limelight and enjoy the evening in a pleasantly lit atmosphere. They can be dimmed and pivoted. In the markilux 779, they can also be mounted under the cassette.

Wintergartenmarkise 779-776-weisserKubusKlinker Detail Kassette LED-Line unten früher Abend Tuch grün 201910

markilux 779 with LED Line in the cassette Pleasant, ambient lighting in intricate markilux design.

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Successful implementations 

Ref 879 St. Gallenkirch 004
879 Ref Glinde 001
879 790 Ref Villach 007 201810
779 Ref Emsdetten 012
Ref 779 Griechenland 004
Ref 879 Aumühle 007
879 876 Ref Hollern Twielenfleth 001
779 Ref Bremen 012
Ref 779 Papenburg 018
Ref 779 Griechenland 029
879 Ref Hamburg 003
879 Ref Mikonos 037
779 Ref Emsdetten 004 201809
Ref 779 Griechenland 001
1300 779 Ref Griechenland 021