Wet weather protection

Wet weather protection for your outdoor area 

More time outdoors

Awnings make outdoor living possible in almost any weather

To achieve that little bit more in the way of all-round weather protection, markilux offers a number of multi-functional products. One example of which is the markilux pergola: it has two support posts at the front which makes it particularly stable. With the appropriate blinds fitted to the sides and front, sun protection becomes all-round weather protection at the same time. If there is a short shower or a light breeze, there is no reason why you cannot simply stay put under the “pergola”. The "awning roof", markilux markant too, offers thanks to vertical blinds or tensioned fabric panels at the side - which optionally can be opened and closed - a certain degree of protection against wind and weather. With atmosphere-creating LED lighting and matching infrared heaters, you can also sit outside in the evening well into the late autumn.

The vertical blinds are equipped with the renowned tracfix system in which the over is held firmly in the lateral guide tracks or inside a frame. In effect, the cover forms a textile wall. Panoramic windows can even be incorporated to provide a clear view of the garden. If the sun isn't shining, you can - with the right extras - turn an awning into an outdoor living room in no time at all. So it is only in a downpour, strong wind or frost and snow in winter that it is preferable to stay snugly ensconced indoors.

When you need just that little bit more protection from the weather ...

markilux pergola

Awning framework

It protects large areas from sun, wind and coldness – in both private and commercial domain: markilux pergola 110. Little framework, big benefits – this concept is perfectly translated into the large-scale awning system, resting on slender posts with unobtrusive lateral guide tracks.

markilux pergola

markilux markant

Awning frame system

The free-standing awning frame system markilux markant offers sun, rain and weather protection that can be customized to your personal needs. The integrated awning gives the system a textile character and offers a high degree of individual colour options creating a pleasant atmosphere. Security, freedom, aesthetics and comfort in a purist design.

markilux markant

markilux pergola compact

Strong appearance. Beautifully compact.

The compact, space-saving awning system on slender support posts and with lateral guide tracks, which alwayskeep the cover taut, is ideal for smaller patios.

markilux pergola compact

What is markilux tracfix?

One of the many sophisticated features markilux offers: lateral cover guidance with no gap between the awning cover and guide track. For a more beautiful overall appearance and better wind stability.

Accessories that allow you to make the most of any weather

It goes without saying that we also provide accessories that allow you to extract maximum pleasure from your awning irregardless of the weather. So, you would like your awning to automatically extend and retract in keeping with the weather? No problem. It's pleasant outside, but just a little bit chilly? No problem either ...

Rain sensors

In Germany, approx. 700 litres of rain will fall on average per square metre every year. That is a lot for even the best awning to cope with. Help your awning by fitting it with a rain sensor that ensures it retracts automatically when it starts to rain.


light and wind sensor

Depending on the current weather situation, this intelligent control system will extend and retract your awning automatically.



<div>With the CONNEXOON® Terrace you can control your awning and also other products on and around your patio effortlessly using your smartphone or tablet.</div> <div>Create your own personal patio atmosphere with lighting effects, music and an open awning.</div>



Intelligent, sensitive and independent of the mains. The vibrabox is an inertia sensor and depending on wind load an awning driven by radio-controlled motor will be retracted automatically to protect it.


markilux infrared heater

Feel the warmth in an instant and enjoy the evening outside for even longer. In a protected housing. Energy efficient and with a long service life. 2500 Watt, dimmable in three steps.

markilux stand-alone infrared heater

As a mobile floor-mounted device for flat surfaces, the infrared heater is a perfect leisure time companion for gardens, patios and balconies. It is efficient, energy-saving and creates a warm atmosphere at the touch of a button.

What will happen if my awning gets wet or becomes damp?

Solar protection fabrics are impregnated with a water-repellent<br/> finish and, if properly cared for and used at a pitch of at least 14°, remain impervious to water during short, light rainfall.During prolonged and / or heavy rainfall the awning must not be extended or should be retracted to prevent damage.During the course of time dust and dirt will settle on the fabric which form a rich breeding ground for fungi (patchy marking) and / or moss. For this reason, the cover should never remain damp for a longer period.When it has stopped raining it would be best if you extend the awning again as soon as possible to allow the cover to dry.

In the case of covers in sunsilk SNC, we actually recommend that the  awning be left out in the rain to initiate the self-cleaning effect.However, you should ensure that the awning has been installed with sufficient pitch to allow water to run off efficiently (approx. 14°).But these awning covers, too, should not be retracted for any period of time when wet.

Our special rain protection awning fabrics

markilux awnings in wind, rain and snow

An awning is a solar protection system and it must not be extended when it is likely to snow or there is a risk of frost. When a storm or bad weather front is approaching, severe gusts of wind can occur suddenly to which even an automatic control mechanism cannot react sufficiently quickly. During longer periods of absence, e.g. holidays or at night, an automatic control system cannot always guarantee continuous, faultless operation of your awning. We therefore recommend the awning be retracted in time and any automatic control mechanism be switched off before the onset of frost, when a thunderstorm or bad weather front is approaching or during longer periods of absence!

Dampness and very low temperatures can lead to the cover becoming stiff and cause the thermal safety cut-out mechanism to activate. This will prevent the awning from being retracted for a short while. If there is snow on the awning it must be removed and a frozen awning cover thawed out before it is retracted. If the pitch of the awning cover is less than 25 % = 14°, measured from the horizontal, or if the awning is not extended fully, then it must not be exposed to rainfall. If this does occur, there is a risk of the formation of water troughs in the awning cover and the awning may become damaged or even detached from the wall. If your awning has been retracted when wet it should be extended again at the earliest opportunity to allow it to dry.