Awning fabric colour to order.
1625 colours. Unbelievable but true.

colour on demand
Colour is an expression of personality. With the new colour on demand system, markilux gives you the opportunity to choose your very own colour to create your own personal awning heaven. The basis is a plain white fabric in the tried-and-tested markilux sunvas quality, dyed using a state-of-the-art and extremely fade-resistant dyeing process.

Testing of the material by independent bodies has provided undeniable proof of the excellent technical characteristics of the quality of sunvas fabric.

markilux – the best under the sun. And the most beautiful shade in the world.

What is Colour on Demand?
And how does it work?


1. Choose your own personal fabric colour in the showroom of your markilux specialist dealer.


2. Order the awning fabric in your preferred colour.


3. Simply enjoy the use of your personalised awning at home.

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markilux’ expertise with colour derives from our decades of experience, meaning that markilux now relies on its own development of an extremely fade-resistant yarn-dyeing process. The dye penetrates the high-tech yarn entirely – a cross section provides proof.

With colour 

on demand
, markilux offers you an almost unlimited choice of colours to create your own personal awning. Exclusively!