The best 

under the sun. 

Side screens 

The perfect protection from wind, lateral sunshine or curious neighbours: side screens are the ideal complement for patio or balcony. Handling is extremely easy and convenient. And more than 200 fabrics of the current markilux collection make it easy to find the suitable design. 

  • markilux format

  • markilux format

  • markilux format

  • Integrated

    into an awning system

markilux 790 

An elegant way to show your neighbors where privacy begins. 

Complementary products and options for 

more wind and privacy protection. 

markilux verical blinds and awnings 

Vertical awnings for conservatories, patio roofs and awning systems are often indispensable as privacy screens or wind protection. They are available with panoramic windows (depending on the model) and create a particularly cozy atmosphere in the garden. 

markilux shadeplus 

The vertical awning is particularly recommended for terraces and balconies with a south/south-west facing position, as it protects against the low-lying sun and emerging wind in the evening.