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Awnings reinvented to elevate your outdoor space. 

markilux is the leading retractable awning company. Buy yours today. 

For more than 40 years, we have worked closely with selected specialized companies in presenting quality custom awnings and exquisite unique awning fabrics. We are experts in this field and emphasize the importance of an active dealer network. This is why we rely on our specialized expert partners for the sales, project management, and installation of our products for years. 

Together with our qualified markilux Dealer partners, we offer quality products and services which stand out from the crowd. Products are suitable for residential as well as commercial use. Be inspired NOW and seek advice from a markilux Authorized Dealer: 

2655 Kingsway Ave 

Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 1T5 

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What to expect from an Authorized markilux Dealer? 


Awning consulting 

Professional advice is crucial when making a large investment purchase. For this, we at markilux rely on our excellent dealer network: when finding the ideal awning which fits your needs. A markilux Authorized Dealer will take a look at the site conditions, assess the project, and will use this information to make a recommendation and tailor-made specification. 


Awning installation 

The consultation is followed by the installation. markilux prides itself on creating products that are user-friendly and systematically easy to install by a knowledgeable Authorized Dealer. Our regularly trained dealers know our product inside out. This combined with successful project management during the sales phase guarantees an optimal end result. 


Awning service 

As your awning ages, it is important to maintain its beauty, as well as its functionality. markilux Authorized Dealers are here to help when you may require additional equipment or a new awning cover. Every markilux awning produced has a small code which allows us to identify the unique specifications of your awning. This can be found at a few different places on the awning  (small tag on the awning fabric, inside the front profile, back of the cassette), with this information your markilux Authorized Dealer can immediately determine the model and individual characteristics of your awning and secure the exact parts needed to create a seamless repair. 


markilux Authorized Dealers near you 

Haven´t found a suitable markilux dealer near you? Take a look at our Authorized Dealer partner search and find the right markilux dealer from our large partner network. 

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