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Freestanding awnings are an elegant and versatile solution for your sun protection needs. At markilux, we understand that every challenge requires a customized solution. That's why we offer high-quality products to meet your needs. On the one hand, our range includes freestanding systems that can be combined with markilux folding-arm awnings or markilux pergola models. On the other hand, there is our exclusive markilux markant awning system, which can be optionally supplemented with external blinds and panoramic windows.

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Our extensive range of freestanding awnings opens up countless possibilities. Get to know the variety of our products and the convenience of our customized solutions. With markilux, you always get the right solution for your sun protection.

Freestanding awnings are more than just sun protection - they're a statement in style and functionality. Discover the quality and variety of our freestanding awning systems and enjoy the freedom to design your product according to your wishes. At markilux you will find the right one for every requirement.

markilux markant

The markilux markant awning system is more than just a sunshade - it's an expression of style and functionality. Discover the quality and variety of our markilux markant system and enjoy the freedom to customize it to your liking. No matter where you need sun protection, markilux markant is the right choice for your outdoor space.

Product advantages

Freestanding awning system

Perfect sun, rain and weather protection

Flexible outdoor use: in the garden or by the pool

Purist design

White house by the sea and terrace with pool. Awning system markilux markant as sun protection for the sitting area.
White house by the sea and terrace with pool. Awning system markilux markant as sun protection for the sitting area.

For all-round protection:
markilux markant
easily extendable

markilux planet

The markilux planet offers maximum flexibility in the design of the outdoor area, as it can be placed in any location. It effectively protects against the sun and UV rays and allows you to adjust the shade zone as needed. It can be equipped with a markilux designer awning of your choice and is always a real eye-catcher.

Product advantages

Free standing awning parasol

Can be combined with folding-arm awning of your choice

Flexible adjustment: 335° rotatable

Design highlight

markilux planet in green with mx 6000 in front of a pool
Awning parasol markilux planet with orange awning cover in front of a wooden house.

markilux syncra

The markilux syncra is a custom-made, freestanding double awning that is ideal for large outdoor seating areas or can serve as a free pergola awning with high wind stability. This versatile awning stand system offers several advantages:

Product advantages

Free-standing awning stand system for large areas

Fixing of folding arm awnings or pergolas on both sides

Mounting on concrete foundations or with stabilisation boxes

Wind stability

combination of markilux syncra and markilux pergola classic on a roof terrace

Advantages of freestanding awnings

Freestanding awnings are a versatile and functional addition to any outdoor space. Not only do they provide protection from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions, but they can also be customized to match the design of your home as well as the layout of your garden. This creates a harmonious aesthetic. Whether you want to shade a large area or need targeted protection in a smaller zone, freestanding awnings are flexible in size and placement.

Markilux awning on house, as privacy and freestanding awning system mx markant. All awnings with white frame and cream fabric cover.

One of the biggest advantages of freestanding awnings is the ability to use the shade provider away from a building. While classic awnings are attached to the facade of a house, freestanding sunshade solutions can be placed anywhere. Therefore, they can be placed and mounted in any location. Do you have a second terrace at the back of the garden? Would you like to enjoy shade around your pool? Does your terrace directly adjoin the building, but an attachment in the facade is not desired or possible? For all these cases, a freestanding system is the right choice. Whether for large areas or rather small areas, whether single awning, double awning or awning system - with the freestanding awnings from markilux you will find the suitable awning for every situation.

In addition, the freestanding awning models can be equipped with additional features such as light or infrared heaters. The freestanding markilux markant awning system can also be supplemented with vertical blinds or side screens of the markilux format type. This creates all-round protection from the sun and other weather influences such as wind and rain. Another advantage is that these additional side elements create a private outdoor space where privacy is maintained. Make your outdoor space functional, aesthetic and inviting both during the day and at night with markilux freestanding awnings.

about freestanding awnings from markilux

Freestanding awnings are awnings that do not have to be attached to a building. In some cases, the structural conditions do not allow an awning to be attached to the facade. Or there is no building nearby. This may be the case, for example, if you have a second terrace away from the house or want to shade your pool area. In such cases, you do not have to do without an awning at all, but can easily resort to the freestanding awning models.

If you still want to have a classic folding-arm awning, the markilux planet or markilux syncra models are suitable. The markilux planet is a type of awning parasol with a round aluminium post and square crossbar for attaching one of our folding-arm awnings. It is therefore an ideal design element for your outdoor area. A special highlight: In the flex version, it can be swiveled up to 335° so that it can move with the sun and thus provide perfect shade at all times.

A stylish sun protection for large areas is the awning stand system markilux syncra. This is a free-standing system made of aluminium that can be combined with folding-arm awnings or the markilux pergola models. This allows awnings to be installed in open spaces, either with concrete foundations or, for even more flexibility, using stabilisation boxes. For shading large areas, awnings can be attached to the crossbar on both sides, creating a double awning.

The third free-standing model available is markilux markant, a cuboid awning system for sun and weather protection. This model is ideal for covering large areas. In combination with markilux vertical blinds and the markilux format side elements, an outdoor retreat is created.

You can complete the freestanding awnings with additional equipment such as LED lighting, infrared heaters or convenient operating options, e.g. remote control, app or weather-dependent sensors.

Yes, freestanding awnings are specifically designed to withstand weather conditions such as sun, rain, and even wind. They are made of weatherproof materials that are both sturdy and durable.

The fabrics of the awnings are water repellent and UV-resistant, depending on the type of cloth. Thus, they protect not only from the sun's harmful UV rays, but also from light rain.

The awning frame is made of high quality materials such as aluminum, which is known for its strength and durability.

However, even though freestanding awnings are strong and durable, extreme weather conditions such as storms or hail can still cause damage. Therefore, we recommend retracting the awning during inclement weather to maximize its operating life and prevent damage.

Yes, there are a variety of awning covers and frame colors to choose from to match your awning to your home's aesthetics.

Additionally, with the markilux syncra and markilux planet, you are free to choose which awning to attach to the upright systems.

There are models that allow for very large-scale shading. The markilux markant is particularly suitable for large areas. The maximum size of a single awning is 3 x 6 meters. As a double system, you can double this area and come to a total of 36 square meters.

Yes, various lighting options such as LED-Line or LED-Spots are available for many freestanding models. Infrared heaters can also be integrated.

Yes, many models offer the option to integrate additional components to extend your privacy and protect you from low sun, wind and weather. For the markilux markant model, for example, it is possible to attach lateral elements of the markilux format type or vertical blinds.

Basically, our awnings are professionally installed by a markilux specialist partner. Depending on which model you choose, a concrete foundation is required. If you prefer an installation that requires less effort, stabilisation boxes are available for the markilux syncra model, for example.

The same care instructions apply to freestanding awnings as to other types of awnings. Generally, no extensive care is required because our awning fabrics have a self-cleaning effect. Water droplets absorb dirt particles and bead off the awning cover. Therefore, we recommend from time to time to leave the awning extended in light rain. If there are leaves or similar dirt on the fabric cover, you should remove them immediately. Dust can be removed with a soft brush when dry. More stubborn stains can be cleaned with water and an ordinary liquid mild detergent. A 5 percent soap solution with a maximum water temperature of 30° C is optimal.

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