For a successful playing season: large-scale awning systems for golf clubs

Successful references in the field of golf courses
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With markilux to an individual sun protection concept for your golf course

The markilux team : project advises and supports business customers who want to equip their outdoor areas with large-area sun and weather protection solutions. In order to meet individual wishes and requirements, our product range offers special awnings for large areas. Besides the focus on sun protection, another focus is on wind and rain protection.

Expansion of the outdoor area of the "genusswerk" in the Karlsruhe Golf Park

The restaurant & café in the Golfpark Karlsruhe, the "genusswerk", has decided to make its outdoor seating more weatherproof. An awning system covering more than 170 square meters was installed here. This not only extends the guest area outdoors, but also provides greater planning security with regard to the usability of the terrace. The outdoor dining area created in this way is a magnet for visitors and, according to the leaseholder, attracts guests regardless of the weather.

The restaurateur is particularly pleased that the terrace is not only well received by club members. Other guests also appreciate the attractive terrace area. Whether in sunshine or light rain - the awning ensemble consisting of the markilux pergola classic and markilux syncra models provides the protection that guests need. This makes a stay at the "genusswerk" a beautiful experience in almost any weather and promises relaxation with the view of the extensive golf course.

Successfully implemented: Large-scale awning system for golf course in Karlsruhe, Germany

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  • Reference picture of an anthracite pergola classic in Karlsruhe at a golf course
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Well attended in almost any weather: Golf club "Schloss Vornholz

The "Schloss Vornholz" golf club in Enningerloh-Ostenfelde, in the Münsterland region of Westphalia, opted for a comparable system from markilux. Here, the combination of markilux pergola classic and markilux syncra shades an area of a good 100 square meters. Integrated vertical blinds with panoramic windows offer additional wind protection over a length of more than 17 meters, while providing an unobstructed view of the golf course's parkland. As a result, the golf club's outdoor area remains a safe place to entertain guests even in inclement weather and in the fall or spring.

As a complement to the windbreak, the awning system was equipped with infrared heaters, so even cold is no reason not to use the terrace. Thanks to the infrared heaters and LED light strips, a cozy and comfortable atmosphere is created, which can extend the useful life of the terrace. Additional equipment that complements the awning, accordingly, can have a positive impact on sales.

Roofing of the outdoor area with high quality awnings

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Modern awning systems for golf courses

The markilux team : project has already advised several golf courses on high-quality sun protection. Together with the operators, the situation on site was analyzed to get a first idea of the conditions and needs. On the basis of the appointment, the markilux team : project developed practical proposals for solutions that were specifically tailored to the respective requirements. Thanks to the individual planning, the areas to be shaded can be optimally utilized.

Protected from the wind thanks to markilux pergola classic

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Pergola awnings are suitable for shading large areas. Up to five markilux pergolas can be coupled. With a draw of up to six meters, this awning model casts a wide-ranging shadow. The sun protection can also be extended with shadeplus, so that even the low sun does not dazzle. Thanks to its robust character, the markilux pergola classic is particularly stable and wind resistant up to wind strength 6. This makes the model particularly suitable for golf courses with a large open area that have special requirements for sun and weather protection. During the golf game, players are already exposed to the sun, wind or rain, so relaxing on the protected terrace is the perfect post-game relaxation.

markilux pergola classic

Freestanding awning for more flexibility on the golf course

Reference image of a mx syncra with white fabric cover and anthracite frame from Bad Iburg-Glane. The awning is in an area separated by bushes and under it are several groups of tables.

The markilux syncra awning stand system is the perfect complement to the markilux pergola. The free-standing awning provides extensive shade where it is needed - independent of buildings. The markilux syncra offers the optimal sun protection solution when mounting on the façade is not possible or when the awning is to provide shade away from the building. The model is fixed either by anchoring it to the ground or by means of stabilisation boxes, which can also be used as a flower box or bench.

Free-standing awning system markilux syncra

Feel-good atmosphere on the golf course

When golf club operators contact the markilux team : project, the primary goal is first of all to find an individual, tailor-made sun protection solution. In the course of planning, further needs often arise, which in many cases can be served with the additional equipment that can be integrated into the awning systems.

Warmth in any season - whether the sun is shining or not

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Since the golf season is not limited to the summer, the requirements of the operators for the use of outdoor catering are also corresponding: the terraces must also attract guests in the fall, winter or spring. However, since these stay away if it is too cold, an infrared heater is the means of choice to create a cozy ambience. The radiant heaters integrated on the awning model provide comfort at the touch of a button.

The awning brings light in the dark and guests on the terrace

Light and heat are a good combination to make a visit to the club restaurant more attractive. If the temperature is right, the light gives an additional benefit for an inviting atmosphere. Various lighting options are another highlight for the design of the outdoor area. This way, the golf course is used even at times of day when no one is thinking about playing golf.

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