markilux pergola compact
Pergola awning for small patios and balconies: markilux pergola compact

Pergola awning markilux pergola compact

The extremely robust and weatherproof markilux pergola compact awning impresses with its compact shape and is ideal as sun and weather protection for shading small outdoor areas. It is a space-saving awning system. The awning cover is fully protected by the angular, slender full cassette and the pergola awning's side guide tracks keep the fabric cover optimally tensioned in wind and weather. This electrically controllable awning model provides you with reliable protection from the sun and weather. Thanks to a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetic design, the markilux pergola compact is ideal for demanding commercial environments.

Product advantages

Ideal for shading small commercial areas

Optional lighting and radiant heaters for year-round use of the outdoor area

In combination with side elements, all-round protection is created

High quality design

Pergola compact on the terrace of a brick house. The awning is illuminated by LED Line
side view of pergola compact on a white house wall

of the markilux pergola compact

With its sleek and modern design, the pergola compact blends seamlessly into the exterior architecture of your business area. It not only provides effective protection from intense sunlight, but also gives your outdoor area an attractive and professional appearance. Its compact shape makes it suitable for small areas. It blends in with the existing architecture and is also an eye-catcher that enhances the building.

Thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials, the pergola compact is extremely durable and weather-resistant, guaranteeing you long-term reliability. The square full cassette fully protects the retracted awning cover. When the pergola is extended, the fabric cover is optimally tensioned by the side guide tracks. The guide tracks without a gap between the fabric cover and the track give the sun protection a high level of wind stability.

Combined with accessories, the outdoor area can be used for a longer period of the year. Infrared heaters ensure pleasant temperatures away from the summer. With LED lighting, the patio looks inviting even in the darker seasons. Light also has advantages in summer: the day is extended.

Suitable accessories
for your commercial sun shading

When using an awning system commercially, overall concepts are often of great importance. The use of sun protection is therefore not limited to just one season, but allows the outdoor season to be extended. Bad weather is of secondary importance thanks to the combination of awning and side elements. With all-round protection, outdoor areas can be used at almost any time. Supplemented with lighting options and radiant heaters, days are extended and the season expanded.

In addition to accessories for more comfort, we offer our business customers further options for making the most of sun protection. Choose the colour of your awning system with color on demand from 1625 RAL colours - individual preferences and corporate design are taken into account. In addition to the frame colour and shade of the awning cover, the fabric cover can also be printed on request.

Technical information
markilux pergola compact

Awning type

Pergola awning

Maximum width x extension

450 x 400 cm


LED lighting options


Guide tracks (tracfix) (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

Area to be shaded

18 qm

Cassette depth x height

125 x 125 mm

possible inclination

5° – 35°


Hardwired motor

radio-controlled motor

smart home

Cover guide system

tracfix (secure cover guidance zip technology without gap between cover and guide track)

available fabric covers



smart art

perla FR

Fixture type

face / top / roof

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

3 | 6 → 38 – 48 km/h

Lighting options

LED spotlights fitted to the cover support tube

LED Line under the guide tracks

LED Line in the cassette, lighting bar and / or guide tracks


shadeplus with crank handle

frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

metallic aluminium, RAL 9006

grey brown, similar to RAL 8019

off-white textured finish, 5233

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

Havana brown textured finish, 5229

Non-standard RAL colours


round / square posts

telescopic posts

Ballast boxes


German Design Award Winner 2018

reddot Design Award Winner 2017