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Kindergarten children sit on the terrace under a double-sided awning.

Sun protection for daycare center outdoor areas:
markilux awnings offer protection from UV radiation

Outdoor living is by no means limited to leisure time. Fresh air is also a must in kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions. To ensure that children, pupils and students can enjoy their time outside protected from the sun, the markilux project planning service also covers the field of nurseries and schools.

Sun protection for nursery outdoor areas and school playgrounds often has to meet special requirements, as children and young people need sufficient protection from UV radiation to prevent their skin from being permanently damaged by the sun at an early age. In addition to traditional products such as sun cream and UV clothing, sun protection systems can make an important contribution to ensuring that our children can enjoy their childhood carefree and without sunburn.

markilux sun shading systems
for kindergartens and schools

Children like to be outside, so play should also take place outside enclosed spaces, in the fresh air, within a protected environment. For this reason, a well thought-out concept for the sun protection of the daycare center's outdoor area is essential. In summer, nursery activities mainly take place outside the building. To protect against intense sunlight, markilux awnings and awning systems help to provide the children with a safe playground. Our experts at markilux project have years of experience with sun protection for kindergartens. Together with you, markilux project develops individual solutions that meet your requirements. This ensures that the existing area is optimally shaded and the children are well protected from UV radiation.

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Complete concepts for business customers are the core competence of markilux project, which is why our experts support you with your sun protection project. markilux project is your reliable partner for commercial sun protection and accompanies you through all phases of awning planning - from the beginning to completion and beyond: from determining your needs and the local conditions, through planning to implementation and finally project completion.

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Our awnings can also be installed free-standing. The markilux syncra awning stand system or the markilux planet awning parasol are ideal for this. The markilux syncra offers the advantage that awnings can be attached on both sides, creating a kind of kindergarten sun canopy. This means that the sandpit can be optimally shaded. Depending on local conditions, the upright system can be set up without a concrete foundation. Stabilization boxes give the markilux syncra a secure footing.

With UPF 50+, markilux awning covers generally offer the highest possible UV protection for textiles. The skin's own protection factor is increased more than 50-fold. This is particularly important for children's sensitive skin. This means that summer days in kindergarten can be enjoyed without worry. Nevertheless, sun cream and UV clothing should not be dispensed with.

Awnings that provide shade over a large area are particularly suitable for outdoor daycare centers. Flexible installation options are also often a requirement of nurseries, as shade is particularly important on playgrounds and sandpits. Many kindergartens therefore rely on the markilux syncra as a double awning, which can be used as a kindergarten sun canopy. The markilux syncra can be fixed using stabilization boxes, which means that a concrete foundation is not absolutely necessary. This gives you complete flexibility.

Sun protection is particularly important for children, as their skin is much more sensitive than that of adults. Nurseries should therefore create shaded areas so that children can play safely and securely. Sunscreen and UV clothing are a good start to provide protection from direct UV radiation, but a sun protection system for the nursery outdoor area is of great importance. This makes the kindergarten a safe place even in summer.

Yes, an awning system should be seen as a supplement to sunscreen and UV clothing. As children are likely to spend time not only under sun protection but also in unprotected areas, additional protective measures such as sunscreen are essential.

There are always funding programs for kindergartens. For up-to-date information, please visit the government's website to find out about possible funding for climate adaptation in social institutions.

Yes, markilux sun shading systems are stable and tilt-proof. The markilux syncra awning stand system or the markilux planet awning parasol are anchored to the ground using a concrete foundation. You can also choose stabilization boxes for the markilux syncra to ensure a secure stand.

If, in addition to the UV-protected area, you would also like to have rain protection for the outdoor area of the daycare center, we recommend awning covers that are water-repellent. We would be happy to advise you on the options in a personal consultation.

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