Large awning system for Australian winery

Reference story: Brokenwood Winery
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Weatherproof outdoor terrace for events and wine tastings

The Brokenwood winery is located in the "Hunter Valley" in New South Wales, Australia. In October of last year, the outdoor terrace of the estate received an awning system from markilux. The newly designed outdoor area can now be used for events and wine tastings in all weathers.

Optimization of the outdoor terrace for optimal use of space

Over the past 50 years, Brokenwood, located a good 165 kilometers northwest of Sydney, has developed into one of Australia's best-known wineries. Today, wine tours and tastings are held here on a regular basis. However, the estate's large outdoor terrace has not been used to its full potential until now. This was to change. Therefore, the management of the winery decided to have the terrace covered with a large markilux awning system.

Maximum flexibility thanks to combination of different awning models

The Australian team : project has covered an area of almost 180 square meters. The system consists of three markilux markant units, with an additional four folding-arm awnings of the markilux 970 model mounted on the sides and front. By combining the different models and awning types, the sun protection solution offers maximum flexibility. Depending on the position of the sun, the entire surface or only parts of it can be shaded.

The sunshade also serves as weather protection. Because the additional equipment also contributes to the flexible use. Dimmable LED light creates the desired mood on the restaurant terrace. Paired with infrared heaters, the stay at the Brokenwood Winery becomes a cozy affair. In the future, the terrace will be used for various events, regardless of the weather or time of day.

Awning design to match the architecture

In addition to the requirements for the functions of the awning system, the modern design was a decisive factor for the product selection. The appearance of the sun protection was to skilfully emphasize the discreetly natural, wood-clad architecture of the building ensemble. After initial discussions with markilux team : project in Australia, it was clear that markilux would meet the requirements for a perfect combination of function and design. Since good design must always go hand in hand with excellent, reliable technology, our product range offers high-quality products with the best looks.

Fast assembly thanks to assembly experts

A project of this magnitude requires ample know-how and experience in the planning and implementation of sun protection projects. team : project therefore collaborated with the specialist company "Blindmaster" from Brookvale, a suburb of Sydney. The company has been familiar with the markilux product portfolio for years and has many years of expertise in the sun protection segment. Due to the professionalism of the assembly, the installation of the system was completed within two days.

Modern sun protection as desired

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