Individual sun protection for outdoor areas of daycare centers

Successful references in the area of daycare centres & kindergartens
markilux planet 970 Ref Marl 015_2019

A shady place in the sandbox

In daycare centers and kindergartens, the children and their well-being naturally come first. Therefore, it is obvious that the outdoor area of such facilities should also be designed to suit children. Since life takes place outside, especially in summer, suitable sun protection is essential. The markilux team : project is available to help kindergarten managers find the best solution. You can get an impression of the possibilities from the following examples of successful kindergarten projects.

Kindergarten Eschwege: A sandbox that invites you to play

The large outdoor area of the kindergarten in Eschwege is a dream for playing, romping and running. In order to provide the best possible protection for the children while they build sandcastles, a markilux syncra flex was installed with the markilux 990. This provides optimal shade for the area. Thanks to the stabilisation boxes, the markilux syncra does not need a concrete foundation at all. The boxes also serve as a seating area.

markilux syncra flex 990 Ref Eschwege 002_2016

Kindergarten Riedenburg: More play space for children

markilux syncra fix 1600 Ref Salzburg 008

A large lawn with plenty of space to play - a paradise for children. But due to the location in the middle of a residential area, there are unfortunately no shady trees. In order to still offer the children a protected play area outside, two markilux syncra fix paired with a markilux 1600 were installed. The awnings now cover climbing frames and slides, so that nothing stands in the way of exuberant play.

Kita Langenbrettach: Sun and weather protection

The small outdoor area of the kindergarten in Langenbrettach was equipped with a markilux syncra uno in combination with a markilux 1600. Mounting on the house wall is not necessary due to the fastening in the ground. Thus, the awning fits perfectly into the available space and the structural conditions. Thanks to the sun protection, the play area in the fresh air is now optimally shaded.

semi-cassette awning markilux 1600 on the facade of a kindergarten

Kindergarten Vitis: perfect shade

syncra_Ref 2016 Kita Vitis Mölzer_01 201912

The Vitis kindergarten in Austria was also equipped with markilux sun shading systems. Each kindergarten group has its own outdoor area with seating groups for eating breakfast or lunch together in the fresh air. In addition, the area can also be used for creative activities such as handicrafts or kneading. Even in bright sunshine, the kindergarten children are well protected here and can spend the day outside.

Awnings for a playground in the shade

Especially for children, aggressive sun rays are harmful. Therefore, good sun protection is indispensable. The markilux team : project can shine in this area with experience and the best sun protection knowledge, so that individual solutions can be planned and implemented. Regardless of whether shade is desired in open spaces, on or in the building: our wide range of products offers perfect sun and weather protection for daycare centers and kindergartens that meets your needs.

Free-standing and flexible: markilux syncra

Awning system markilux syncra with markilux 1700 in silver with red striped cloth over sandbox

The markilux syncra provides shade where you want it - optionally with one or two awnings, which can also be controlled independently of each other. If a larger area is to be shaded, the markilux syncra can also be coupled. The fastening also depends on your requirements: If anchoring to the ground is out of the question, stabilisation boxes come into play. The stabilisation boxes can also be used as a bench. So if you need a break between building sand castles, playing tag and hide-and-seek, you can relax on the benches.

Free-standing awning system markilux syncra

markilux planet for the best shade under the sun

markilux planet 970 Ref Marl 015_2019

The markilux planet is an awning and sunshade in one. If, for example, you want to shade the sandbox without mounting it on the building, this model is exactly the right choice and an alternative to the markilux syncra. The flexibility of the awning parasol is particularly practical. The shade can be controlled not only by retracting and extending the awning: the Easy-Go lever also allows the markilux planet to be rotated by up to 335°. This makes it child's play to direct the shade to where it will best protect your charges. The markilux planet can be combined with various custom-made markilux folding-arm awnings. They are attached to the support column of the markilux planet.

Awning parasol markilux planet

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