Pergola Awnings

Pergola awnings provide perfect large-scale shade for both private and professional use: the markilux pergola is an awning system with support posts at the front – so that the buildings structure is not put under excessive stress. Additionally, our freestanding pergola with retractable canopy is adjustable, allowing you to control your outdoor living area’s size. The markilux syncra is a stand-alone awning that needs no connection to a building—only a foundation is required for an outdoor stand-alone canopy. Browse our website to view our available selection of pergola awnings.


markilux markant

As stand-alone unit or integrated into the existing architecture, the markilux markant makes a big impression in any situation.


markilux planet parasol and awning in one - and an eye-catcher that perfectly shades your outdoor space.

Free-standing awning system markilux syncra with two awnings with yellow fabric cover on a roof terrace.

markilux syncra The free-standing awning system literally stands on its own two feet.

Accessories offered by markilux

Ausstattung Bedienung Sonnen-Windsensor MX-1 compact-202104


Ausstattung 970 Farbe


Ausstattung MX-3 LED-Line 202104


Ausstattung-930 Montage 202104

 Fixture methods

Ausstattung Wärme 202104 Kopie


Ausstattung 5010-Schattenplus 202104


 markilux Awning Covers. Made in Germany.

 The most beautiful fabric between heaven and earth. Create the most alluring shade in the world.

markilux awning fabrics

It is the color and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience on your patio and in your conservatory special. Color nuances, patterns and  textures succeed in creating that uniquely special effect by virtue of their brightness and hue. As a leading manufacturer of top-quality awning fabrics with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of textiles, markilux offers an unparalleled variety. Among more than 250 patterns in coordinated color families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. When it comes to making your choice, allow yourself  to be inspired, enthused, advised by your markilux specialist dealer...

Experience design to the full


If you are looking for high-quality, permanent shading for your favourite spot in the middle of the garden or by your pool or pond, why not opt for a free-standing awning system from markilux – 100% Made in Germany.

Our awning systems are protection against the sun, wind, weather and prying eyes in one. Visually, the award-winning design of these durable systems is highly attractive. In combination with awning fabrics from the markilux collection, the markilux awning systems will embellish any patio or garden.

Both the pergola systems and folding-arm awnings from our range, which are mounted on free-standing systems, can - depending on the model - be optionally combined with markilux shadeplus. Various vertical roller blinds can also be attached depending on the system involved.

Do you need your awning system to meet special requirements and shade large areas, for example? Or do you need an awning bearing your logo in your company colour? High-quality awning covers and systems with rain gutters, LED awning lighting, infrared heaters and many other equipment options and extras ensure a cosy ambience in which your guests can relax and feel comfortable.

If you are looking for suitable solar protection solutions for the hospitality industry and trade, our awning planning service team : project will be more than happy to help. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Planning service

Would you like to experience our awning systems live? Feel free to drop by one of our in-house markilux awning showrooms. This is where you can see the largest range of ready-assembled awning systems in action.

If you have any general questions on our awning systems in advance, please do not hesitate to contact our markilux hotline service. For all other matters relating to advice, planning, quotations, delivery and installation, your regional markilux specialist dealer will be more than happy to help. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.