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The markilux online awning configurator enables you to plan your desired awning quickly and easily yourself in advance. Regardless of whether you want to configure an folding-arm, conservatory, window or pergola awning, every awning model from the standard markilux range for private use can be designed according to your wishes online with our configurator. 

Hauptbild pergola

For all those, who have grandiose plans even if it is windy and wet.

Hauptbild pergola compact

A pergola awning for small patios and balconies

pergola stretch Penthouse Image Seite Tag 202010.jpg

A breathtaking weather protection awning for large patios

Kassettenmarkise markilux 6000 Dekoelemente 202103.jpg

Award-winning cassette-awning for demanding patios and balconies

5010-Profil Wandmontage halboffen-201701_master_16x9.jpg

Enjoy happy hour, 24 hours a day.

Kassettenmarkise markilux 3300 Nischenmontage 202103.jpg

Precisely fitting awning for large terraces

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1600 Chormelemente 202103.jpg

A semi-cassette awning that meets the highest demands

970-Haus-A-gelb Kassette halboffen cam07 32471 201809.jpg_master_16x9.jpg

Cassette awing with neat and slim appearance

Kassettenmarkise markilux 990 Chromelemente 202103.jpg

Compact and impressive all in one

Kassettenmarkise markilux MX-3 Kassette halboffen 202103.jpg

Shapely curves, clean lines, a fascinating colour spectrum

Kassettenmarkise markilux MX-1 compact LED-Spots Kassette 202103.jpg

Delivering beautiful protection, any time of year.

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1710 Chromelemente 202103.jpg

A folding-arm awning for patios, balconies and niches

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1300 Neigungsverstellgetriebe 202103.jpg

An open style awning with a steep angle of pitch

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1700 Chromelemente 202103.jpg_master_gespiegelt.jpg

Open style awning for large patios and balconies

Kassettenmarkise markilux 930 Kassette halboffen 202103.jpg

Open style awning with variable angle of pitch

Hauptbild 770

Unobtrusive above-glass awning for small conservatories

Hauptbild 8800

Above-glass conservatory awning

Hauptbild 779

Underglass awnings for glass canopies

Hauptbild 8850

Above-glass awning for hipped roof conservatories

Hauptbild 790

Ausziehbare Seitenmarkise nach Maß für Balkon und Terrasse


Perfect privacy for your patio


Electric window blinds with clean lines

Hauptbild 776

High quality vertical roller blinds for windows

Hauptbild 710

Ideal sun protection for your home

Hauptbild 720_JPG.jpg

A stylish blind for small windows

Hauptbild 730

An elegant drop-arm awning for windows and balconies

Hauptbild 740

A marquisolette lends a façade an aesthetic look

Hauptbild 750

Stable and elegant window sun protection

Hauptbild 893

Made-to-measure triangular blind for gable windows and skylights

Hauptbild planet

Free-standing folding-arm awning stand

Hauptbild construct

A free-standing rectangular awning stand system

Hauptbild markant

A free-standing awning system in a class of its own

syncra-Garage Imagebild pergola Tuch 36920-201701

Die steht für Sie auf eigenen Füßen.

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