O melhor 

debaixo do sol 

Angling for perfection. 

Moving. Differently. 

Open style awning with variable angle of pitch: markilux 930 

This awning moves differently from the rest, because as you retract the markilux 930, the awning pivots into a horizontal position and disappears below the soffit.­ When extended, the angle of pitch can be set at up to 80 degrees – so if required, the awning can pivot almost to the vertical. The mobile markilux 930 is perfect for all balconies and eaves that require no additional protection of the awning cover or technology. Your new shading device bows to the sun – allowing you to enjoy being outside in the evening even when the sun is low in the sky. 


Kassettenmarkise markilux 930 Kassette geschlossen 202103
Un toldo abierto con un gran ángulo de inclinación: el markilux 930

Mecanismo de giro 

Cuando está recogido, el toldo plano, de solo 122 mm, desaparece decentemente debajo del techo. Solo cuando sale, el markilux 930 adopta el ángulo deseado. 





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