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markilux frame colours. 

Suitable for any architecture. And your wishes. 

Ausstattung Farbe 970 Detail Kassette202104

Frame colours 

for your made-to-measure markilux awning 

Sounds perfect. Looks better.  markilux frame colours. 

The awning frame colour complements and enhances the colour of the fabric and creates a perfect link to the architectural surroundings. From a variety of shades of white through to the timelessly elegant  anthracite, a broad range of colours is available to you. All markilux frame colours are available without surcharge. 

Would you like to set a very specific color accent with your made-to-measure awning and prefer an individual frame color? 

No problem!markilux will be happy to manufacture the awning frame in a RAL color of your choice. Metallic, finely textured, pearl and matt finishes as well as those from other colour ranges (DB, Tiger etc.) are available on request. Our high-grade powder coating finish is guaranteed for any awning colour you choose. 

You can also use the exclusive markilux "Selection MX", the special architecture edition for the markilux 


or the color-intensive ambient lighting of the markilux 

MX-1 compact 

to set exciting color accents. 

Now choose the right frame color that harmonizes perfectly with your chosen awning fabric and your facade. 

Markisenfarbe_Verkehrsweiss RAL 9016

Traffic white 

| RAL 9016 

Markisenfarbe_Cremeweiss-Struktur 5233

Off-white textured finish* 

| 5233 

Markisenfarbe_Weiss-Aluminium RAL 9006

Metallic aluminium 

| RAL 9006 

Markisenfarbe_Steingrau-metallic 5215

Stone grey metallic* 

| 5215 

Markisenfarbe_Anthrazit-metallic 5204

Anthracite metallic* 

| 5204 

Markisenfarbe_Graubraun RAL 8019

Grey brown 

| similar to RAL 8019 

Markisenfarbe_Havannabraun-Struktur 5229

Havana brown textured finish* 

| 5229 


RAL colour of your choice 

* markilux textured finishes have a rough, almost lively surface structure. markilux 1300 only available in traffic white, RAL 90176 and metallic aluminium RAL 9006. 

Discover the colours

Colour and 

satisfaction unlimited 

Selection MX-Mustermarkise MX-3 Imagebild 201912

The top new coat in awning finishes Selection MX for the markilux MX-1 compact und MX-3 

A perfect look in a unique colour combination and with innovative surface coating. Ideally suited to outstanding architecture or contemporary patio and garden design. When the special turns into something very personal: Selection MX – the new awning top coat. 

Selection MX
Ausstattung Farbe MX-3 Reihenhaus Detail 202104

Special Architecture Edition 

Colour and satisfaction unlimited for the markilux MX-3. The standard markilux awning frame colours – and eight additional accentuated colours for the all-round styling panel – can be combined at will without surcharge | 

markilux MX-3 
Prisbelönt kassettmarkis för uteplatser och balkonger: markilux 6000

Polished chrome fittings 

Side caps matching the awning colour or deliberately emphasised in finely polished chrome. Your awning can simply wear anything. 

Ausstattung 970 Farbe

Colour variations and combinations 

With many folding-arm awnings from markilux, the cassette and front panel colours can be freely combined in the standard frame colours. | 

Choose colour combination 
Kassettenmarkise markilux 970 Eloxal schwarz 202103

Anodised accent colours 

The frame and front panel colours of the markilux 970 can be combined freely. And there are even three more anodised, accentuated colours available for the front styling panel: silver, bronze and black.| 

markilux 970 

markilux markisväv. 

Made in Germany. 

Det vackraste tyget mellan himmel och jord. 

För världens skönaste skugga. 

markilux markisväv 

Det är markisvävens färg och struktur som skapar den speciella stämningen på din terrass eller i din vinterträdgård. Specialeffekten uppnås genom färgnyanser, mönster- och struktureffekter beroende på ljusstyrka och nyans. Som ledande tillverkare av högkvalitativ markisväv med nästan 100 års erfarenhet erbjuder markilux en oöverträffad mångfald. Bland de över 250 mönstren i samordnade färgscheman kommer du att hitta ditt personliga och vackraste tyg mellan himmel och jord. Din markilux återförsäljare hjälper dig gärna, låt dig inspireras, övertygas och få goda råd … 

Upplev design


från markilux 

Beauty lies not in size, 

but in attention to detail. 

markilux operation, options and extras. 

Would you like to equip your awning with other extras? Browse through our wide range of optional awning equipment and find the lighting options, sensors and control systems that complete your premium awning according to your wishes. 

Ausstattung Bedienung Sonnen-Windsensor MX-1 compact-202104


Ausstattung MX-3 LED-Line 202104


Ausstattung Wärme 202104 Kopie


Ausstattung 5010-Schattenplus 202104


Ausstattung-930 Montage 202104