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Feel the warmth in an instant

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Electric awning heating with markilux radiant heaters:
durable and energy-efficient

Feel the warmth in an instant.
With an electric markilux radiant heater, comfort on your patio or balcony reaches a whole new dimension. Enjoy your living space outdoors even on cool mornings and evenings - a powerful awning heater from our range makes it possible.

The markilux radiant heaters for awnings give off pleasant infrared heat at the touch of a button. These special radiant heaters are an equipment option which you can combine with a whole range of awning models.

Lots of the exclusive markilux awnings can be fitted with a wall-mounted radiant heater. The markilux hotline service or your regional markilux specialist dealer would be happy to tell you which ones these are. You can also use our online awning configurator to check the compatibility of the outdoor radiant heaters with your markilux patio awning.

When installing outdoor patio heaters yourself, please make sure you keep the necessary minimum distance from flammable objects. It is best to leave the installation of your awning heating to an experienced sun protection specialist who will do the job safely and professionally.

The markilux radiant heater for installation

Feel the warmth in an instant and enjoy the evening longer - the markilux radiant heater fulfills these wishes. It is mounted directly on the awning frame in strategically advantageous locations (depending on the model). Regardless of whether you need an awning with heating for private or commercial use, the markilux radiant heater is suitable for use in your garden as well as in catering.

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The technical features of the markilux radiant heater at a glance:

  • Maximum output of the heater: 2.500 Watt

  • Radiant heater optionally dimmable in three stages

  • Soft start function with reduced start-up current

  • Protected heater housing

  • Cooling fins on the back prevent excessive heating of the mounting surface

  • The asymmetrical reflector gives optimum heat distribution

  • Infrared halogen lamp with "Ultra Low Glare" heating tube technology and pleasant colour temperature

The markilux stand-alone infrared heater

If you prefer mobile awning heating or if your favorite awning model is not compatible with a built-in heater, we recommend the markilux stand-alone infrared heater 1.400 Watt. As a supplement to integrated heat sources, this location-independent, electric floor-standing device offers you pleasant temperatures in the outdoor area.

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The technical features of the markilux stand-alone infrared heater at a glance:

  • Maximum output: 1.400 Watt

  • Soft start function with reduced initial current surge

  • Operation of the outdoor radiant heater by means of button controls

  • Acoustic feedback from the electric awning heating

  • Safety power-off if the device tilts 

  • Infrared halogen lamp with "No Glare" heating tube technology giving minimum glare and a pleasant light temperature

  • Powder-coated aluminium housing and base in the standard markilux colours

  • For use outdoors

  • Incl. 1,8 m connection cable with two-pin earthed plug

Comfortable warmth at the push of a button - whenever and wherever you want.

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but in attention to detail.

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Would you like to equip your awning with other extras? Browse through our wide range of optional awning equipment and find the lighting options, sensors and control systems that complete your premium awning according to your wishes.

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