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Learning in a protected atmosphere
Playing in the best shade in the world
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Play and learn in the best shade in the world

Outdoor living is by no means limited to leisure time. Fresh air should also not be missing in kindergartens, schools or other educational institutions. So that children, pupils and students can enjoy their time outside protected from the sun, the planning service of our markilux team : project also includes the field of day-care centres and schools. Since the outdoor areas of such facilities often have to fulfil special conditions and are often more extensive than a private garden, we are happy to share our experience in the planning and implementation of large-scale sun protection solutions. We attach great importance to individual advice. Coupled with professional installation by qualified specialist partners, this results in successful projects that put sandboxes, swings or schoolyards in the shade.

Schools and educational institutions

markilux 8800 Ref Gorinchem 14 2020

A break in the fresh air provides new energy

When the gong sounds, the masses of pupils stream out of the classes into the break hall, to the kiosk or, better still, into the schoolyard. As the oxygen content in the classroom dwindles, so does concentration, so the break is a welcome change and respite. Outside, the pupils can get some fresh air and recharge their batteries for the coming lessons.

In the younger grades, the urge to go outside is often even stronger and more independent of the weather than in the higher grades. Primary school pupils need the break as a balance from learning to playing and romping. Older pupils, on the other hand, often prefer to stay indoors when the weather is not really cooperating. With a well thought-out sun and weather protection solution, the outdoor break becomes attractive at (almost) any time.

Outdoor classroom: learning in a great atmosphere

Even outside of break times, markilux awning systems can add value to the outdoor areas of schools. As an alternative to the classic classroom, models such as markilux markant can be used to create entire outdoor classrooms. Lessons in the fresh air, protected from the sun's rays, are a highlight for pupils and the change of perspective from indoors to outdoors adds zest and variation to the school day.

Kitas and kindergartens

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More play space for children

With the right sun and weather protection, the play space available to children in the day care centre or kindergarten can be expanded. Regardless of the weather and season, children can develop more freely outside and are not limited to the inside of the nursery. In addition to the classic activities such as handicrafts and painting, there is also the possibility to discover nature outside and to move around without restrictions. This makes the day in the kindergarten varied and balanced.

Playing in the fresh air

Spending time outside is important and beneficial for children's development. Outside the weather-protected interior of the day care centre or kindergarten, children learn to adapt to different situations. No matter what the weather, new exciting activities can always be found. Playing in nature encourages creativity and the spirit of discovery. Children are encouraged to engage with their environment, which also benefits their intellectual development.

Playing in the fresh air, outside enclosed spaces, should nevertheless take place within a protected framework. For this reason, a well thought-out concept for the outdoor area of day-care centres or kindergartens is essential. Even though children should spend time outdoors all year round, kindergarten activities take place outside, especially in summer. To protect against intense sunlight, markilux awnings and awning systems help to provide a safe playground for the children. The markilux team : project works with you to develop individual solutions that meet your requirements and provide optimum shade for the available space.

UV Schutz Kinder -SF

Safe play protected from UV rays

Exercise, play, fun: children want to go outside - and there they should be optimally protected.

For children, aggressive sun rays are particularly dangerous. Our sunsilk and sunvas awning covers offer the highest possible UV protection for textiles with UPF 50+. The skin's own protection is supported by more than 50 times. This means that children can stay outside for a long time without being exposed to direct sunlight. This keeps playing in the fresh air healthy instead of harmful.

Whether freestanding awning systems, patio or window awnings - a markilux design awning offers the perfect shade and safety for young and old.

Colourful awnings for kindergartens

Awning colour: Child-friendly colour design

The kindergarten can be a colourful place. Not only when the children give free rein to their own creativity. The architecture and design are also often thought out from the children's point of view and adapted to their needs. With our colour on demand service, there are no limits to the colourful design of the outdoor area.

Do you want a specific colour for your awning? Then have a plain white fabric from the sunvas collection dyed in your preferred RAL colour. In addition to the fabric, the frame can of course also be produced in the colour of your choice. This will make children's eyes sparkle and create a beautiful atmosphere for your kindergarten or daycare centre.

You will find inspiration for the possibilities of individual colour design of your awning under the keyword colour on demand.

Successful implementations of team : projects: awnings for kindergartens and day-care centres

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