markilux 8850
Electric above-glass awning for conservatories with hipped roof: markilux 8850

Engageable guide tracks.

Perfect for conservatories with hipped roofs.

Classic round cassette design.

Awning in harmony with the architecture.

On-glass awning markilux 8850

Your markilux on-glass awning protects against blinding sunlight and UV rays. At the same time, a large part of the heat radiation is reduced and your conservatory shines in a pleasant natural daylight. The heat stays outside while you sit comfortably inside. Whether small or large glass surfaces, whether classic or hipped roofs - the markilux 8850 ensures pleasant temperatures.

Your advantages

Designed for conservatories with hip roof

Guide tracks can be engaged up to 100 cm

Guide tracks can freely protrude up to 100 cm above the last bracket - thus even more sun protection

Fully enclosing cassette that perfectly protects the fabric cover

Detail picture cassette of the top glass awning markilux 8850, anthracite with red fabric cover.

of the markilux 8850

The rooftop awning for conservatories with hipped roofs, the markilux 8850, is our special solution for glass roofs that require special sun protection due to their architecture. So if you are lucky enough to call such a conservatory your own, perfect it with a high-quality awning from markilux "100% Made in Germany" - we offer the right on-roof awning for every roof. The rooftop awning for conservatories with a hipped roof, markilux 8850, gives you optimal protection from the sun and overheating on warm days.

Technical information
markilux 8850

Awning type

Above glass awning

Maximum width x extension

600 x 450 cm

500 x 500 cm


guide tracks

Area to be shaded

27 qm

Cassette depth x height

Ø 187 mm


Hardwired motor

radio-controlled motor

smart home

Cover guide system

guide tracks

Cover tension system

Gas springs

available fabric covers



smart art


Fixture type

above glass / bevel-edged conservatory

Wind resistance class | corresponds to wind force

2 | 5 → 28 – 37 km/h

frame colours

traffic white, RAL 9016

metallic aluminium, RAL 9006

grey brown, similar to RAL 8019

off-white textured finish, 5233

stone grey metallic, 5215

anthracite metallic, 5204

Havana brown textured finish, 5229

Non-standard RAL colours


iF Design Award 2012

markilux 8850 reference gallery.
Successful implementations at customers.

  • Reference of a markilux 8850 top glass awning with indented guide tracks.
  • Reference of a markilux 8850 top glass awning with indented guide tracks.
  • Reference of a markilux 8850 top glass awning with indented guide tracks.

markilux awning tools.
Use our various markilux awning tools to make the right decision.

Through our years of experience as awning experts, we have developed many useful tools over the years that should make choosing the right awning as easy as possible for you:

  • With the markilux awning comparison you can easily & quickly compare all awning models and find the right one for you.
  • With the markilux awning configurator you individualize the awning, according to your very own wishes and can request it directly from the specialist partner.
  • With the markilux Augmented Reality App you can individualize your desired awning and visualize it live on your house wall using the latest AR technology.
  • With our markilux awning fabric finder you can overview our entire awning fabric range and order fabric samples directly to your home.

about markilux 8850

The markilux 8850 is an on-glass awning for conservatories and patio roofs. It is characterized by its round cassette as well as its various fixture types. In addition to installation on conventional glass roofs, installation on hipped roofs is also possible thanks to the guide tracks that can be engaged.

The two markilux on-glass awnings provide effective thermal protection for conservatories and patio roofs. They differ in the fixture type. The markilux 8800 can be installed on classic glass roofs. The markilux 8850 was developed for special installation situations. With the markilux 8850 you get an awning for installation on hipped roofs.

You can conveniently operate the conservatory awning markilux 8850 by (radio) motor. The settings can be made with remote control or via app. In addition, there is the option of automatic control by sensors, which reacts to the respective weather conditions.

In addition to the general advantages of on-glass awnings - minimizing heat build-up and maintaining full room height - the markilux 8850 model offers further advantages. The installation options of the markilux 8850 are extremely flexible: The guide tracks of the awning can be engaged, so that installation on a hip roof is possible without any problems. In addition, the guide tracks can project freely up to one meter above the last bracket. This means that even more sun protection can be achieved.

With the top glass awning for conservatories with hipped roof, you can shade an area of 27 square meters.

The markilux 8850 can be used up to wind strength 5 (28-37 km/h). This corresponds to wind resistance class 2.

In addition to the markilux 8850 glass awning, we recommend our vertical blinds for lateral sun protection when the sun is low in the sky. This provides your conservatory with optimum protection against glare and heat at all times.

With our markilux showrooms, we offer you a contact point where you can immerse yourself in our product world. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them and advise you on the various models. You can also get professional advice and get an impression of our awnings at a markilux specialist partner near you.

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