More markilux.

Fewer compromises.

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markilux shadeplus.
The awning inside the awning.

970-Bungalow Innenaufnahme Schattenplus 201810

markilux shadeplus
With shadeplus – the awning inside the awning –you can achieve as much shade as you want, no matter, in what position the sun is. Without having to adjust the inclination of the awning, you can simply extend the shadeplus to the desired shadow depth.

The shadeplus' awning fabric is weighted down with a profile. With this perfect sun protection which provides privacy at the same time, you can create a secure and protected little area outdoors.During the day it closes out the sun, in the evening it keeps the cool away.

In contrast to awnings, in which the "more shadow effect" is achieved by adjusting the angle of inclination, the full room height is retained under a markilux awning with shadeplus - a "more room effect" is thus achieved.

Lateral wind protection and extra privacy,
More markilux. Fewer compromises.

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Side screen markilux 790
The elegant way to show your neighbours where privacy begins – and always at hand when you want to protect yourself from the low-lying sun and side winds.

Privacy protection for the terrace: markilux format, format lift and format slide

Wind and privacy protection markilux format
Life has a lot of nice sides to it. And now your home does, too. It is an appeal to sociability - in textile form.


markilux external blinds and awnings
Additional vertical design awnings from markilux make your private outdoor space perfect. Let yourself be inspired by your possibilities.

Ideal protection against low sun, light wind and prying eyes
For more glare protection, wind protection and privacy protection and in your favorite place in the garden, on the terrace or balcony. The optional vertical awning in the front profile perfects your feel-good space outdoors. At just the touch of a button, the optional protection from glare and prying eyes creates an unparalleled, private room outdoors.

markilux panoramic window
Wouldn’t you like to be able to sit outside below your patio roof, protected from wind and weather, and still be able to enjoy an unobstructed view? Für markilux 776 / 876 mit tracfix bieten wir Ihnen das markilux Panoramafenster an. Maximum dimensions 600 × 300 cm. Maximum height of the panoramic window approx. 135 cm.

offered by markilux

Beauty lies not in size,
 but in attention to detail.

markilux operation, options and extras.
Would you like to equip your awning with other extras? Browse through our wide range of optional awning equipment and find the lighting options, sensors and control systems that complete your premium awning according to your wishes.

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