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The best under the sun.

Beautiful. Simple.

An open style awning with a steep pitch angle: the markilux 1300 Robust, reliable and fulfils all the expectations of a good awning. With the optional pitch ­adjustment gear, you yourself can determine the angle at which your awning cover protects you and your loved ones from the sun. And, desired: a shadeplus, the versatile cover attached to the front profile to protect you from the low-lying sun and prying eyes. Beautiful simplicity! And simply beautiful protection against the sun.

Options for this open-style awning.

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1300 Schattenplus 202103

LED Line in the folding arms and shadeplus The culmination of a wonderful day: a lovely evening outside on the patio or balcony with friends.

Open awning with a variable angle of inclination: markilux 1300

Pitch adjustment gear

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1300 Alu-Schutzdach 202103

Aluminium coverboard

Kassettenmarkise markilux 1300 Volant 202103


Successful implementations with the open folding-arm awning markilux 1300

Ref 1300 779 776 Griechenland 014
markilux 1300_Ref_Starnberg_001 2017
Ref 1300 779 776 Griechenland 018
markilux 1300_Ref_Münster_007 2017

Alternatives to the open-style awning markilux 1300

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  • markilux 930

  • markilux 1600

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