up to 236.22 in × 236.22 in

The markilux markant ideally complements high-end outdoor areas. It lets you spend as much time as possible outdoors without compromising weather protection, comfort and a relaxing atmosphere. An enjoyable lifestyle living experience on the patio and in the garden – whatever the weather – in almost any season. Great quality of life. markilux markant.

Just what you need – regardless of the weather Ideal lifestyle pleasure on the patio or in the garden – in just about any weather and at any time of the year

Stops rain and increases privacy Prefabricated openings in the cover allow rainwater to drain away to the ground through the corner posts. The markilux 776 can be integrated seamlessly into the frame shielding those inside from wind and inquisitive glances.


Max. post separation up to 236" × 236" with two independently functioning awnings

as a single unit up to 118" × 236"

overall height 102", other heights are possible

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Awards for the markilux markant

Awards for the markilux markant: 2018: Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture. The Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture are the international architecture and design competition that takes into account the interplay between the disciplines. It honours visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all branches of architecture, the construction and real estate sector and the manufacturing industry. The focus: the holistic, consistent presentation of products.

2019: German Design Award - Winner. The German Design Award has been presented since 2012 by the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main. It is one of the most recognised design competitions worldwide. Founded at the initiative of the German Bundestag in 1953, this award is intended to honour German design and thus to present its added brand value for companies.

2019: Top Hotel Star Award 2019 “Silver”. markilux has won the Top Hotel Star Award 2019 “Silver” with the markilux markant in the category Design. Germany's most subscribed to hotel magazine "Top Hotel" announced the best products for the hotel trade in twelve categories in March.

2018: Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture. The Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture is the international architecture and design competition that considers the disciplines in terms of their interaction. It honours visionary architecture, innovative products and sustainable communication from all sectors of architecture, the construction and real estate industries and the manufacturing industry. In focus: the holistic, consistent staging of products.

Successful implementations:

markilux markant @ "The Bernstein", Bielefeld

The modern restaurant, "The Bernstein", stands out because of the breathtaking panoramic view it offers over the rooftops of Bielefeld. The roof terrace was completely revamped at the beginning of the year and a suitable shading system could not be overlooked.  The managers opted for the markilux markant in order to create a cosy atmosphere, to give their guests protection in less clement weather and yet still retain the stunning view.

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Sonnenschutzlösungen für Gastronomie- und Geschäftskunden

Die Freiluftsaison ist eröffnet. Ganzjährig.

Als die Nr. 1 im Bereich von sicherem,  effizientem und attraktivem Sonnen- und Wetterschutz bietet Ihnen markilux exklusiv und individuell auf Sie und Ihr Unternehmen abgestimmte Lösungen zur Planung, Nutzung und Aufwertung Ihrer Außenbereiche. Wählen Sie die markilux team : project Vorteile und profitieren Sie schon bald von Ihrem ganz individuellen Outdoor Living mit markilux.

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What are the benefits of a custom markilux awning?

Direct light – indoors and outdoors.

Adjust light – precisely to personal needs. Create atmosphere. Inside or outside: markilux is the perfect individual assistant.

Catch the wave of stylish UV protective fabrics.

Regulate the climate – and energy. Shade where it is needed – with markliux.

Add the outdoors to your living environment.

Redefine the residence throughout the seasons. Extend the house – by adding sunrooms and making space for shade, preferably outside. markilux provides the perfect products to reinvent recreation and relaxation.