Markisensystem syncra-Dachterrasse Imagebild fix Tuch gelb 201910

This will stand on its own two feet for you.

A free-standing double awning that is tailored to your needs: the markilux syncra Generous shading right where you need it. That is the promise made by the markilux syncra. And one it keeps. As a single unit, it will provide shade for up to 60 m2  ; as a coupled awning even larger areas are no problem.

This free-standing awning stand system literally stands on its own two feet: two round or square posts and a massive cross-beam ensure reliable stability. Depending on the requirements, one or two folding-arm awnings or markilux pergolas can be attached to it. This awning system is either firmly anchored to the ground ("fix") or installed using ballast boxes ("flex").

No matter which variant you choose, you can always count on the markilux syncra.

Options for this free-standing awning system

markilux syncra pergola With the additional posts at the front and the tracfix lateral cover guidance system, this option offers particular advantages in terms of size and wind stability.

syncra-Dachterrasse Imagebild flex Tuch grau 201701

markilux syncra flex The ballast boxes allow installation without concrete foundations on site.

syncra-Dachterrasse mx 1600 uno Tuch grau 201910

markilux syncra uno Two feet. One awning. No problem!The markilux syncra uno proves itself a stable base even with just one "wing".

Successful implementations

markilux syncra 970 Ref Emsdetten 003_2019
markilux syncra 990 Quakenbrück Detail Profile 1 2016
markilux syncra 6000 Ref Telfs 031_2019
markilux syncra 5010 Ref Hage 13 2021
markilux syncra 5010 Ref Waldshut 001 201808
markilux syncra fix pergola Ref Oberland 002_2010
markilux syncra fix 5010 Ref Markina Xemein 007
markilux syncra Ref Bad Reichenhall 010 201808
markilux syncra flex 990 Ref Palma de Mallorca 003_2013
markilux syncra pergola Ref Schluchsee2 010 201809
markilux syncra fix pergola Ref Cloppenburg 010_2018
markilux syncra 990 Ref Vitis AT 001 2016
markilux syncra fix 1600 Ref Salzburg 001
markilux syncra 5010 Ref Nordkirchen 2
mx syncra pergola Ref Schluchsee2 005 201809
markilux syncra Ref Bad Reichenhall 011 201808

More awning systems, alternatives and additions

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The awning system markilux syncra is not your standard awning frame system. Whatever you require: it can be adapted to your needs, whether for a large outdoor seating area or if you would like a free pergola awning with high wind stability. With this sun protection solution, you benefit from the following features and functions:

  • Dimensions: depending on the model up to 60 m² per awning (up to 30 m² with one field), and even larger as a connected system

  • With the markilux syncra uno, two feet carry your markilux dream awning

  • This variant of our free-standing awning system proves itself a stable base even with just one “wing”

  • The markilux syncra pergola is a combination of the syncra system and the markilux pergola – with the additional posts at the front and the possible lateral cover guidance system, it offers special advantages in terms of size and wind stability

  • With the markilux syncra flex variant, stabilisation boxes enable installation without the need for a concrete foundation on site

  • The awning system on strong posts can also be equipped with the top awning markilux MX-1 compact and transformed into a stable, reliable and stylish double awning

Plan your dream awning now with our online awning configurator to get a first impression of your possible future double awning. Then visit one of our markilux showrooms to experience the markilux syncra live.

You are thinking about buying a free-standing double awning? Then make an appointment for an initial consultation with an expert markilux  dealer in your region. They will provide you with a non-binding, individual offer for your custom awning, detailing all prices and costs.