Cassette shape

Kassettenbild 620

markilux 620 tracfix 95 × 110 mm, cover guidance by way of guide tracks, optionally with markilux sundrive, the integrated solar module for operating the remote-controlled motor.

625-Detail Kassette Wandmontage 0008 201910

markilux 625 tracfix 125 × 135 mm, cover guidance by way of guide tracks.

Fixture type

620_Detail Wandmontage_201709

Face fixture The frame shape that matches your windows.

620_Detail Nischenmontage_201709

Reveal fixture Discreet and unobtrusive.

Options for this vertical blind.

Detailed view of a gray cassette of the vertical blaind markilux 620 with sundrive solar module.

 markilux 620 tracfix sundrive  The integrated solar module with powerful rechargeable battery which drives the remote-controlled motor is available as an optional extra.

markilux 776 Detail Perspektive2.tif

 Perfect cover tension  Depending on the model, markilux vertical cassette roller blinds are equipped with special gas pistons. This gives the cover perfect tension even in larger units and under greater wind loads.

View from the bedroom to the outside. The vertical blaind awnings markilux 876 with white fabric cover are half lowered.

markilux tracfix This lateral cover guidance system without a gap between the awning / blind cover and the guide track: guarantees a more attractive overall appearance and better wind stability.

Successful implementations

  • 6000 776 620 Ref Emsdetten 035
  • Reference object: waiting area with brown leather sofa and armchair in an office building. The seating area is in close proximity to windows, which have vertical blaind awning markilux 620 with gray translucent fabric cover.
  • 6000 776 620 Ref Emsdetten 022
  • Gray vertical blaind awning markilux 620 as sun protection at the office of a carpentry.
  • markilux 620 Ref Vreden 003
  • markilux 620 Ref Recklinghausen 007
  • markilux 620 Ref Mesum 002
  • markilux 8800 620 Ref Mantorell 002 2014
  • Vertical blaind awning markilux 620 with white frame and gray fabric cover attached to a round conservatory of a family house.

As is the case with all vertical blinds from markilux, the markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix designer awnings also meet the highest demands. This means that you also benefit from the best material quality, sophisticated technology and award-winning design with this awning model. Take a look at this overview of the attractive features of our electric vertical blinds now:

  • Long-lasting awning material: the cassette of the markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix vertical blinds is made of metal, or to be more precise top-quality coated aluminium. This makes it particularly durable and elegant.
  • Looking for a made-to-measure vertical blind? Then you've come to the right place. We manufacture both the markilux 620 tracfix and the markilux 625 tracfix specifically for you. The only difference between the two models is the maximum possible size:

  • 1. markilux 625: with maximum dimensions of 600 x 350 cm / 550 x 400 cm (awning width x projection), it is perfect for large areas.

  • 2. markilux 620: with maximum dimensions of 400 x 300 cm / 300 x 400 cm (awning width x projection), this is a small vertical blind.

  • Perfect cover tension is guaranteed for the markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix vertical blinds by gravity.

  • Assembly is possible either on the wall or in a window reveal. Our specialist dealers would be happy to take professional measurements on your premises and advise you on which solution is possible and advisable in your case.

  • The markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix vertical blinds are equipped with an electric motor by default. Optionally you can order a radio motor with radio remote control for your new vertical blind.

  • The small markilux 620 is available with “sundrive” up to a size of 250 x 300 cm. This energy-saving RTS motor with solar module enables the wireless drive of your electric vertical blind.

  • The tracfix system – the continuous cover guidance system without a gap between the cover and the guide tracks – also closes perfectly at the sides and, depending on the size, withstands wind forces of 5 to 6 (corresponds to a wind speed of 28-48 km/h).

  • The lateral cover guidance system for the markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix is realised with stable guide tracks.

  • Order the smart-home solution Somfy TaHoma Switch for your new vertical blind and control your intelligent solar protection by smartphone or tablet.

Do these outstanding technical features of our electric vertical blinds meet your expectations? Then plan your own awning directly with our online configurator. Do you want to experience the markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix live? Then stop by one of our awning showrooms.

If you are interested in our markilux 620 tracfix / 625 tracfix electric vertical blind, you are certainly looking for a special solution for shading your living space. Along with the technology, it is the design that plays the main role here.

Our made-to-measure awnings are available in the awning fabric of your choice: whether plain or striped, classic, with perforated fabric or with “vuscreen” ALU solar protection with added functionality – choose the right awning fabric for your new vertical blind directly from our range.

Please bear in mind that the colour and material of the awning fabric influence not only the indoor climate but also the brightness of the interior. While dark fabrics are generally more opaque and thus suitable for darkening, light fabrics allow more sunlight to shine through. Which is the right one for you? Our hotline consultants as well as a markilux specialist dealer near you would be happy to advise you.

You have decided on our high-grade electric vertical blinds? A fantastic choice! We would be happy to pass your enquiry on to one of our specialist dealers in your area who will take measurements on site, prepare an offer with specific prices for your new vertical blinds, as well as take care of delivery and installation. Don't wait any longer: feel free to contact us!