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The best under the sun.

An elegant way to show your neighbors' where privacy begins. 

Custom-made pull-out side screens for balconies and patios: the markilux 790 There are few seating areas outdoors that are protected on all sides from sun, wind and prying eyes. Therefore, this slim markilux side screen simply makes your life on the balcony or patio more comfortable and enticing It can be extended in one smooth movement and is always by your side when you need it and feel like making use of its benefits.

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Privacy and sun protection - with an oblique cut on request The elegant markilux 790 blends in perfectly with its surroundings thanks to its many individual design options. It is a made-to-measure side screen, which means that we personally manufacture a unique awning for you that fits on your patio or balcony.

Does a sloping roof or a markilux folding arm awning have to be taken into account? The cover is available with a sloping top edge which can be cut to match the pitch of your markilux awning. The dimensions of the markilux 790 at a glance: 

  • Extension lengths of the vertical screen are variable: 200 - 450 cm (depending on height / design) 

  • Height of this side screen: 90 - 250 cm 

  • Intermediate dimensions for this side screen are of course possible. 

When it comes to the fabric - as with every markilux awning - you can draw on a wealth of resources: Decide which color the fabric should be. Modern, single-colored awning fabrics in anthracite, gray, white, beige, cream, green, red and yellow are particularly popular for side screens. We are curious to see which design you choose. Now configure your dream awning with the markilux awning-configurator..

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mobilfix The moving support post with granite base plate stands secure, wherever you want it to.

This high-quality pull-out side screen is attached to the wall or to a post. For the profile of the markilux 790 side screen, there are several mounting options: 

  • Wall bracket 

  • Bracket on the balcony railing 

  • Support post with welded base plate 

  • Docking post incl. ground sleeve 

  • Profile-bracket on a free-standing column or markilux pergola 

  • Free-standing column with swiveling holders for the cassette 

Whichever type of mounting for side screens is optimal in your case, markilux has many wind and privacy protection solutions. Trainedmarkilux specialist partners near youensure professional installation on the outside wall. The markilux specialist partners in your area will be happy to advise you on any questions and arrange for professional installation on the outside wall.

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A broad range of fixture options markilux offers you a suitable option for every fixture situation.

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Similar product. More options. The modular awning systemmarkilux formatoffers robust wind and privacy protection and impresses with its versatility.

Decorative solutions with side screens from satisfied markilux customers.

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