O melhor 

debaixo do sol 


a carefree ambience. 

Small awning makes a big difference: the markilux 990 

Small, but impressive! You will be surprised how much technological sophistication there is to be found in this 125 mm high cassette. The folding arms and awning cover disappear into the compactly constructed cassette with U-shaped front profile.An impressive angle of pitch of up to 70 degrees when top fixing makes this awning suit smaller patios and balconies particularly well.Thanks to these advantages you can enjoy many hours relaxing in the most beautiful shade. 


Toldo pequeño para terrazas y balcones: markilux 990

Tapas de cromo brillante 

El toque extra para su markilux 990. 

Kassettenmarkise markilux 990 Wandanschlussprofil 202103

Perfil de conexión a la pared 

El perfil de aluminio estilizado en el color del toldo cierra la fisura entre el toldo y la pared. La lluvia es evacuada discretamente por el toldo. 

¡Empieza la película! 



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