Why does markilux sell its awnings exclusively via markilux specialist dealers?

One of the questions that we at markilux are most frequently asked is, why we only sell our awnings through specialist dealers? There are a number of good reasons for this: 

1. markilux is an awning manufacturer

markilux, as a manufacturer of awnings, has to concentrate on its core business. All knowledge, logistical competence and not least of all professional expertise that needs to be brought to bear in order to get an awning to your door we put into that which we are good at: designing and manufacturing awnings.

2. Specialist dealers offer more 

The specialist dealers who sell our awnings (and other products) offer you a whole lot more than can. Many of them offer products such as windows, curtains, shutters, garage doors and landscape gardening. So, if you are completely renovating your house or even building a new one you do not need to go to several suppliers for each individual product. You can get everything from under one roof and have the same contact person in every case. 

3. Proximity to the customer

As a company with its base in Emsdetten, northwest Germany, it is easier for all parties involved, if the whole process is carried out by a partner in YOUR vicinity. And these partners for us are our specialist dealers. 

There is undoubtedly one not far away from you, as well!