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any time of year. 

The “petite” markilux MX-1 with all the technological innovations and with the variety of features typical of markilux. It also o ers you spectacular ambient lighting, brilliant LED options in the front profile as well as every possibility of influencing the colour design. The “petite” ultimate one makes your favourite spot in the garden particularly enticing. The markilux MX-1 Compact enhances the appearance of buildings with a modern, minimalist architectural design. 

Options for this cassette awning. 

markilux Shadeplus 

At just the touch of a button, the optional protection from glare and prying eyes creates an enviable, private room outdoors. As standard, the shadeplus is equipped with a radio-controlled motor and comes supplied with a markilux remote control. 

LED Line in the front profile 

Gives uniform lighting and a pleasant ambience after sunset. 

LED spotlights in the front profile 

A brilliant lighting effect converts the room under the awning into an oasis of well-being in the evening. 

LED Spots in the cassette 

The MX-1 compact dowses everything in beautiful shade – and in the evening bathes everything in light. 

LED Ambient lighting 

An impressive eye-catcher in the evening hours. The front profile is available in five contrasting colours and can be illuminated with dimmable lighting. 

Colour combinations 

The cassette and styling panel are available in different colours which can be mixed and matched with one another. 

Exclusive coatings Selection MX 

Front styling panel finishes in fashionably modern metallic paint, metal and special effect laquers, 

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Successful sun protection solutions 

with our cassette awning markilux MX-1 

Alternatives to the markilux MX-1 


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