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A breathtaking weather protection awning for large patios: the markilux pergola stretch The markilux pergola stretch offers an impressive take on sun and wet weather protection. The cover is perfectly integrated into the minimalistic, high value awning system. The rhythmical, space-saving cover folding technology makes it possible to shade large areas and creates  a special and impressive atmosphere. Manifold customisation options mean that the markilux pergola stretch will invariably catch your eye.

Options for this awning system.

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Truly imposing while making a visual impression Versatile implementation in varying weather conditions. The LED lighting, heaters and lateral protection options allow the atmosphere to be adapted as the situation requires.

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Slender appearance Design limited at your necessity. The cover safely tucked away.

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Well thought through Water drainage from the cover via the integrated gutter and support posts assured from a very low pitch of only 5°

Weather protection awning for large terraces: markilux pergola stretch

 Attractive protection majestically full of fresh air  A waterproof awning cover leaves you perfectly prepared for a comfortable and relaxed season – al fresco. Allow your markilux specialist dealer to give you professional advice.

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