max. 279" × 157"

This awning was awarded the IF product design award for its harmonious, semi-circular design. As a semi-cassette awning, the markilux 1600 is open to the bottom and still looks unique when it’s fully extended. The top cover profile adapts itself to the angle of the pitch of the awning and closes completely flush with the front profile when retracted, which protects the cover safely from rain.

markilux Shadeplus Simply block out low-lying sun and prying eyes with the additional awning cover in the front profile of the markilux 1600.

Polished chrome fittings embellish the front profile and underline
the design of your semi-cassette awning in a brilliant manner.

markilux 1650 The model variant with swivelling dimmable LED spotlights in the
front profile guarantees a pleasant ambience in the evening.


max. 279" × 157"

Folding arm

twin steel-link chains, optional: Bionic tendon


LED spotlights, end caps in polished chrome, Shadeplus, valance, coupled unit, stretch

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Awards for the markilux 1600/1650

Auszeichnungen für die markilux 1600:   <bold>1998: iF Design Award. </bold>Der iF product design award ist einer der renomiertesten Designpreise weltweit. Er wird in Hannover und Shanghai (iF China) ausgelobt. Eine international besetzte Jury aus Experten gibt eine professionelle Einschätzung zur Designqualität von Produkten. Mit dem iF product design award werden jährlich Produkte ausgezeichnet, die Funktionalität, Komfort und Ästhetik in besonderer Weise in sich vereinen und den Anforderungen an Innovation gerecht werden.

1998: iF Design Award. The iF product design award is one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide. It is offered in Hanover and Shanghai (iF China). An international jury of experts gives a professional assessment of the design quality of products. The iF product design award is presented annually to products that combine functionality, comfort and aesthetics in a special way and meet the requirements of innovation.

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markilux 1700

Open folding-arm awning

The red dot design award is already given to the markilux 1700, for the German Design Award 2014 it is nominated: this is an outstanding awning. Filigree, organic, elegant. Because of its sturdy construction even large areas can be easily shaded. The bionic tendon with extremely high tensile strength guarantees a friction-free and nearly noiseless folding of the arms.

markilux 1700

What are the benefits of a custom markilux awning?

Direct light – indoors and outdoors.

Adjust light – precisely to personal needs. Create atmosphere. Inside or outside: markilux is the perfect individual assistant.

Catch the wave of stylish UV protective fabrics.

Regulate the climate – and energy. Shade where it is needed – with markliux.

Add the outdoors to your living environment.

Redefine the residence throughout the seasons. Extend the house – by adding sunrooms and making space for shade, preferably outside. markilux provides the perfect products to reinvent recreation and relaxation.