Markilux shade solutions are the best engineered awnings in the world, and each component is manufactured from the finest materials. When used properly, a Markilux product will provide many years of outstanding performance. To help ensure complete satisfaction and the longest product life possible, it is helpful to understand awning use and operation in all types of weather conditions. Carefully review and follow all awning operation guidelines to ensure you experience no weather damage.


Markilux products are engineered to exceed the most stringent wind rating standards for awnings in the world – those set by the European Union. All Markilux products are guaranteed to withstand sustained wind speeds of up to 23 mph without being damaged, and up to 30 mph for many products.

Markilux engineers test our products in a wind tunnel in order to prove, and improve, their performance and longevity. Here are a few of the remarkable results achieved during the wind tunnel testing:

  • M6000 remained open and unharmed in wind speeds up to 80 mp

  • M860 vertical shade continued to function in winds up to 112 mph

  • Markilux shades with the innovative Tracfix System continued to function in winds up to 135 mph


A shade solution installed at a pitch (downward slope) of 14º or more will allow water to run off of the awning fabric during moderate, sustained rain. If the pitch of the awning is less than 14º, the awning should not be extended in moderate to heavy or constant rain. There is a danger of water collecting on the fabric and causing it to stretch or sag. The weight of the water could damage the awning or structure.

Awnings and canopies should be retracted in heavy and ongoing rain, even if the awning pitch is 14º or more. If the pitch or rate or duration of rainfall is such that water collects and pools on the awning, it is improper use, and may void the warranty.

If a shade solution has been retracted while wet, it should be extended again at the earliest opportunity to allow it to dry.

Ice & snow

In the case of frost or snow your Markilux shade solution should be retracted immediately. If there is snow on the awning it must be removed and a frozen cover should be thawed before retraction.