markilux full cassette awnings.
Weather resistant and robust.

Full cassette awnings - your ultimate solution for stylish sun protection and weather protection from markilux

Full cassette awnings are the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, offering you a wide range of benefits. Whether you want to beautify your patio, balcony or garden, these sturdy patio awnings will transform your outdoor space into a cozy retreat, regardless of the weather.

Weather resistance is a crucial factor and this is where full cassette awnings score. Whether it's bright sunshine, light rain or a bit of wind, these weatherproof awnings defy the elements, keeping your patio or balcony inviting without worrying about damage. The design of a full cassette awning ensures that both the awning cover and the folding arms disappear completely into a closed cassette when the awning is not in use. As a result, they are optimally protected from the effects of nature and remain in top condition for years.



What are the advantages
of full cassette awnings?

Compared to conventional sun protection options such as sunshades, full cassette awnings offer several advantages. While sunshades often have to be opened and closed manually and may quickly fall over in gusts of wind, full-cassette awnings are more wind-stable and offer added convenience, for example, through an electric drive. In addition, they create a larger shaded area and ensure better coverage of your outdoor area.

Full cassette awnings are extremely versatile. They are suitable not only for residential use, but are also extremely popular in commercial areas such as cafes, restaurants and stores. Their appealing design and diverse fabric designs will suit any architectural style. Thus, a full cassette awning will add a touch of elegance to your home.

Do you want to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, regardless of changing weather conditions? Our full cassette awnings offer the best protection from rain, sun and other outdoor inconveniences.

Discover our selection of high quality solid cassette awnings and let their durability and beauty convince you. Turn your terrace into a place of relaxation, which at the same time will provide reliable protection from the sun as well as from rain.

Weatherproof awnings for unclouded moments outdoors - that's our promise to you!

Possible applications
of solid cassette awnings

Thanks to our diverse product range, markilux full cassette awnings cover a wide range of applications. Full cassette awnings are suitable for use on the house wall, ceiling or rafters. Even away from a building, full cassette awnings can serve as high-quality sun protection. Combined with the markilux planet, for example, free-standing solutions can also be implemented. Whether on a terrace, balcony, in the middle of the garden, by the pool or on the roof terrace - markilux full cassette awnings offer full and stylish sun protection for your outdoor area.

For special installation situations, depending on the model, there is the option of integrating the awning into the facade. By installing the cassette in a niche, the awning becomes one with the building shell and is thus invisible. If you like it discreet, you will make the right choice with such a model. If you want the full cassette awning to be a visual highlight on your building, it can become a central part of the garden design.

Wherever you want to use your awning, there are countless configuration options available to get the awning of your dreams:

  • Cassette: round, oval, square, avant-garde, modern or classic cassette design.

  • Frame colour: classic in the seven standard frame colors or individually painted according to RAL.

  • Awning cover: collection one offers both plain and fancy desssins with plain, faux plain, block stripes, colors or patterns.

With the help of the individual design options, the awning fits perfectly with your style and building. For full cassette awnings where the cassette does not directly connect to the wall, an optional wall sealing profile can be attached. This avoids a gap between the facade and the cassette. Protection from raindrops is thus guaranteed, making your terrace more weather resistant.

Operation and equipment options
of full cassette awnings

The models from the category of full cassette awnings are available as standard, depending on the model, either with manual operation or radio-controlled motor. Models that are equipped with a winding handle as standard can also be configured with a motor on request. The radio-controlled motors can be controlled either via remote control, app or by means of weather-dependent sensors. In addition, silentec motors are available for selected full-cassette awnings. These offer the advantage that they operate very quietly.

In addition to the operating options, you can also choose from various additional options, such as LED lighting in the cassette and front profile, valance, shadeplus, colored screen profiles, glossy chrome elements or infrared heaters.

zu markilux Vollkassettenmarkisen

Bei Vollkassettenmarkisen handelt es sich um eine Art der Gelenkarmmarkisen. Die gesamte Technik und das Markisentuch verschwinden beim Einfahren in der Kassette. Dadurch sind sowohl Gelenkarme als auch Tuch bestens vor Regen, Schmutz und sonstigen äußeren Einflüssen geschützt. Vollkassettenmarkisen sind robuste und wetterfeste Terrassenmarkisen für den Einsatz im Garten oder auf dem Balkon.

Der Unterschied zwischen Vollkassettenmarkisen und anderen Markisentypen ist die vollumschließende Kassette, die für einen Rundumschutz für Tuch und Technik sorgt.

markilux bietet verschiedene Modelle im Bereich der Vollkassettenmarkisen an. Je nach persönlichem Geschmack und Anforderungen können Sie zwischen zahlreichen Optionen hinsichtlich Form, Design, Farbe, Tuch und Ausstattungsoptionen wie Licht und Wärmestrahler wählen. Die wetterfesten Markisen bieten nicht nur Schutz vor Sonne, sondern auch vor Regen. Aufgrund der langlebigen Materialien handelt es sich bei markilux Modellen um robuste Terrassenmarkisen.

markilux Produkte können Sie bei einem qualifizierten markilux Fachpartner in Ihrer Nähe kaufen. Der Händler berät Sie gerne und gibt Ihnen Einblicke in die Modellvielfalt der Vollkassettenmarkisen, deren Vorteile und Unterschiede zu anderen Modellen. Profitieren Sie von der Expertise und finden Sie gemeinsam Ihre wetterfeste Markise für den Einsatz im Garten, auf dem Balkon oder der Dachterrasse. Der markilux Fachpartner kümmert sich zudem um eine professionelle und reibungslose Montage der Markise.

Auch in den markilux Schauräumen können Sie einen Überblick über die Auswahl an Vollkassettenmarkisen bekommen. Unsere Kollegen in den Schauräumen beraten Sie kompetent zu Einsatzmöglichkeiten, Wetterfestigkeit, Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten und Vorteilen gegenüber anderen Sonnenschutzlösungen.

Für markilux Vollkassettenmarkisen gibt es verschiedene Zusatzausstattungen, die Sie bei Bedarf hinzufügen können. So gestalten Sie Ihre persönliche, auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnittene Markise. Wählen Sie Optionen wie z.B. LED-Beleuchtung, Schattenplus, Volant, besondere Farbkombinationen und Smart Home.

Ja, es handelt sich hier um robuste Terrassenmarkisen mit besonderem Schutz für das Markisentuch. Da das Tuch, wenn es eingefahren ist, komplett in der Tuchkassette verschwindet, ist es optimal vor Schmutz, Regen und anderen Umwelteinflüssen geschützt.

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