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Have you decided on a custom-made markilux awning? An excellent choice! Now the question arises for you, where you can buy a markilux awning.

To order your personal one-off, please contact your regional awning specialist. Our sales network consists of over 600 specialist dealers for awnings in Germany alone, so that you too will find a markilux specialist partner in your area.

The awning dealers trained by markilux will advise you on all aspects of your desired awning, take measurements on site and prepare an individual offer for you with specific prices for your shade provider. Your specialist dealer will then take care of on-time delivery and precise installation of your awning - regardless of whether it is intended for the terrace, balcony, conservatory or window.

Our competent specialist dealers are at your side as experts in their field and will support you with all your concerns in the search for your dream awning. Find your markilux specialist dealer in your region now with our dealer search and arrange an initial consultation appointment.


Awnings advice

Especially when it comes to purchases that are ideally only made once in a lifetime, professional advice is the be-all and end-all. That's why we at markilux rely on our excellent dealer network: when it comes to finding the ideal awning for your needs, our specialist partners are second to none. A markilux specialist partner will take a look at the installation situation on your premises and, based on this, make the perfect recommendation as well as the appropriate offer.


Awnings assembly

Advice is followed by installation. It's good to know that you can get everything from a single source at your markilux specialist partner. Our regularly trained specialist partners know our product inside out. This, in combination with the already known individual installation situation at your site, is a guarantee for an optimal end result.


Awnings service

If you need additional equipment or a new awning cover at a later date, or even have problems with the awning, the markilux specialist partner is also on hand. By means of the so-called "BA code" (to be found on the small tag on the awning cover), the markilux specialist partner can immediately understand which model with which individual characteristics your awning is and thus install the 100% correct spare part.

about markilux specialist dealer partners

If you are still thinking about where to buy your new awning, our clear recommendation is: don't save at the wrong end, go to the specialist dealer. As a renowned awning manufacturer, we are convinced that you will benefit most from professional products and all-round service for the following reasons:

  • The specialist partners trained by markilux are specialised in our awnings. They draw on many years of experience in individual consultation, planning and installation and can realise your wishes - regardless of whether you need a folding arm awning, a pergola awning or a vertical awning. In this comprehensive know-how, specialist awning dealers differ quite clearly from DIY stores, which often lack not only the expertise but also the time for detailed advice.

  • Many of our awning dealers have other products in addition to awnings, such as windows, lightning rods, blinds, curtains and garage doors, or are specialists in gardening and landscaping. For a comprehensive renovation or new construction, you can get everything from them from a single source and have a personal contact for all matters.

Professional advice is crucial, especially for purchases that are ideally made only once in a lifetime. At markilux, we rely on our excellent dealer network. Our specialist partners are unbeatable when it comes to finding the ideal awning for your needs. A markilux specialist partner will look at the installation situation on your premises and make an individual recommendation and a suitable offer based on this.

After the consultation comes the installation - and it's good to know that your markilux specialist partner offers everything from a single source. Our regularly trained specialist partners know our products inside out. With their expertise and the already known installation situation at your site, they get an optimal end result.

Your markilux specialist partner will also be at your side if you need additional equipment or a new awning fabric at a later date. You can contact your specialist partner at any time. With the help of the so-called "BA code" (which can be found on the small tag on the awning cover, for example), the specialist partner can immediately see which model and which individual features your awning has. This enables him to determine the correct spare part or the desired additional equipment.

Yes, many markilux specialist dealers also offer awning repair services. If your awning is damaged or needs repairs, you can contact your specialist dealer. Our specialist partners have the necessary expertise and spare parts to carry out the repairs professionally.

Yes, your markilux specialist dealer can help you choose the right awning cover. They have extensive knowledge of the different fabric options and can make recommendations based on your requirements and preferences.

In addition, you can view our awning fabric collection, the markilux collection one, compare fabric patterns and feel the surface at our markilux specialist partners.

You can also find all information about our awning covers on our awning cover page or in the awning cover finder.

Yes, many markilux specialist dealers also offer maintenance services for awnings. Regular maintenance can extend the operating life of your awning and ensure that it functions optimally. Your specialist dealer can perform inspections, cleaning and other maintenance to maintain the performance of your awning.

Please note that the services offered may vary depending on the markilux specialist dealer. It is recommended to contact a specialist dealer directly for specific information.

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