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markilux terrace awnings.
markilux patio awnings.
markilux 6000 cassette awning in white on a house wall

High-quality sun protection for terraces - 100% Made in Germany.

The sun smiles above awnings. Life laughs under a markilux. And on your terrace you.

Design awnings from markilux not only provide shade, they open up new possibilities for enjoying life outside. They offer protection on hot days and create a cosy atmosphere on your terrace, even when the sun has long set. The decision for a markilux patio awning is a decision for the best quality "Made in Germany" and high-quality products.

A durable, weatherproof patio awning from markilux, the market leader for awnings, extends your living space in a visually and technically attractive way. In addition to the original function of providing shade, markilux awnings also offer reliable protection in wind and light rain thanks to their stability for many carefree hours on your patio.

Equipped with first-class accessories, such as stylish LED lighting or powerful radiant heaters, the markilux awning becomes an essential part of your outdoor concept. Browse our range now and configure the awning of your choice according to your taste and adapted to your terrace.

Awning types at a glance: Functions and advantages

Cassette awnings

When the awning is retracted, the cassette completely encloses the awning fabric and the technology and protects them perfectly from wind and weather. Our first-class cassette awnings are produced in Germany - and are in demand worldwide. As a premium manufacturer, we offer you awnings of the best possible quality, with sophisticated technology and an inimitable design.


Complete protection for fabric and technology

Modern, elegant design

Many equipment options

markilux mx-2 in gray with white cloth on a white house
markilux mx-2 in gray with white cloth over a terrace at a white house

  • markilux MX-1 compact

  • markilux MX-2

  • markilux MX-3

  • markilux 6000

  • markilux 5010

  • markilux 970

  • markilux 3300

  • markilux 990

Semi-cassette awnings

Semi-cassette awnings open downwards and are therefore suitable for installation locations where all-round protection with a full cassette is not required. With semi-cassette awnings from markilux, clever details provide stylish accents. For example, the markilux 1600 can be upgraded with gloss chrome elements.


Protected fabric

Visible folding arms when closed

Timeless design

Half cassette markilux 1600 close-up in gray with chrome elements and green cloth
1600-EinfamHaus Klinker Image früher Abend Beleuchtung LED-Line 201910_WEB

  • markilux 1600

  • markilux 1710

Open folding arm awnings

An open awning does not have a cassette at all. The mechanism and fabric shaft are openly visible. With their modern and functional design, open awnings bring new verve and style to your balcony or terrace.


Slim design

Perfect also for smaller locations

Can be combined with an attractive canopy as an option

markilux 1300 in white with blue cloth on a white house wall
markilux 1300 in white with blue fabric over a balcony on a white house wall

  • markilux 930

  • markilux 1300

  • markilux 1700

Pergola awnings

The pergola awnings impress with their stable construction. This makes them particularly suitable for large areas. Thanks to the lateral fabric guidance, they offer optimal sun and weather protection up to a wind force of 6. In addition, they can be equipped with many extra options such as wind and privacy protection, light or heat radiators.


Large format sun protection

High wind stability

Perfect outdoor ambience with additional equipment

Wide range of design options

markilux pergola cubic in gray with green cloth on a terrace

  • markilux pergola classic

  • markilux pergola cubic

  • markilux pergola compact

  • markilux pergola stretch

Which awning for terraces?

With the large product selection in the patio awning category, the question "Which awning is the best?" often arises. Even though the question of the best awning for patios cannot be answered in a blanket manner, there are clues that should be considered when choosing an awning. When looking for sun protection for patios, you should consider the following factors:

  • Patio size: Depending on the size of the patio, various awning models can be used: For smaller terraces, awnings for niches and small areas are ideal, optionally with the stretch function. For terraces of a medium size, the choice usually falls on folding arm awnings or pergola awnings. If you have particularly large terraces, you can often combine different awning models and awning systems. If you are a restaurateur or have a business, we can inform you about the possibilities of large-scale shading for your terrace. For business customers, our team : project is available for project planning.
  • If the awning is exposed to strong winds, a pergola model is the best solution. They can withstand stronger gusts by being attached to the house wall and by additional columns in the ground.

  • If the terrace has a roof or conservatory, under-glass awnings or on-glass awnings can be installed.

  • If there is a roof projection, open folding arm awnings are an option. The fabric and folding arms are protected by the projection.

  • If there is no protective roof projection, a half or full cassette awning should be used.

  • On some façades, a recessed awning is feasible.

  • In addition to providing shade from above, side awnings can be installed on the terrace to provide lateral sun protection, wind protection or privacy.

  • If attachment to the façade is not possible or desirable, in many cases awning systems anchored to the ground or free-standing (double) awnings can also be realised.

Sun protection solutions near you.

Good to know: Shading for terraces

The choice of the appropriate awning model depends on various factors. Patio awnings can be customised and adapted to the size of the patio. Depending on the orientation of the patio, the size of the awning can be custom-configured.

Of course, we also offer awnings for small terraces. Depending on the installation situation and available space, various models offer advantages for shading your outdoor area. Even if the drop is larger than the width of the awning, there is a solution with the stretch function. With two intersecting folding arms, even awnings with a small width extend far out.

Of course we also offer awnings for large terraces. Depending on the desired dimensions, different awning models come into question. Some models basically offer the option of large widths and projections. In addition, many awnings can be linked together so that even larger areas can be shaded. To determine the area to be shaded, you are welcome to contact a markilux specialist partner who will take measurements on site and find the right awning for you.

Every markilux patio awning is individually planned and made to measure, so it is not possible to quote general prices. Depending on the model, size and additional features such as heat, light or shade plus, the price for your dream awning can vary. It is best to ask a qualified markilux specialist partner for advice in a personal consultation. Your local specialist partner is the right contact for questions about awning prices and costs for professional installation. You can find the right partner for shading your patio in our specialist partner search.

Are you looking for sun protection for your patio? Then a patio awning is exactly the right choice. Due to the diverse configuration options of our patio awnings, we rely on qualified and well-trained markilux specialist partners to sell our awnings. Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of our specialist dealers, you will receive individual advice tailored to your needs. You can find the right partner in your area in our specialist partner search.

Thanks to our cooperation with local markilux specialist partners, you do not have to worry about the installation of your new patio awning. Because in addition to product advice and planning a shading solution for your patio, the professional installation of your awning is also part of the service offered by the specialist dealers. So you can sit back and look forward to a safe installation on your patio.

If you would like to protect yourself on your patio from wind and unwanted glances from neighbours, side awnings are an option. Vertical awnings also serve as both a privacy screen and windbreak. If you are bothered by the low sun, add shade plus to your patio awning. In our awning configurator , you can put together your individual solution for your terrace.

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