The best 

under the sun. 

markilux ease of use. 

Ausstattung Bedienung Sonnen-Windsensor MX-1 compact-202104

markilux light options. 

Ausstattung MX-3 LED-Line 202104

markilux heaters. 

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markilux frame colours. 

Ausstattung 970 Farbe

markilux wind protection and privacy. 

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markilux awning accessories: 

Equipment options for your designer awning 

The sun smiles down on an awning. Life smiles on you under a markilux. 

High-quality awning accessories give your markilux awning that certain something. Motor drives, remote controls, LED lighting and much more are available to extensively equip your premium shade provider. 

Whether a folding-arm awning or a pergola awning, many markilux sun shading solutions come with manual operation including a hand crank as standard. If you would like an electric awning with a motor or radio-controlled motor and other awning accessories, we will manufacture your awning to measure with the appropriate equipment on request. 

You have the choice. 

Motor, radiant heater and high-quality awning accessories from markilux. 

Every markilux awning is made to measure 

markilux awnings are made to measure, not only in terms of size and color, but also in terms of equipment. In addition to various options for intelligent awning control, radiant heaters and vertical awnings for patio awnings, we offer you numerous other components to choose from. 

Our range of optional awning accessories offers you a wide range of design options. Depending on the model, you can equip your new awning with polished chrome elements, panoramic windows, valances, foot covers and more. Get to know our equipment options right away. 


markilux Awning Covers. 

Made in Germany. 

The most beautiful fabric 

between heaven and earth. Create the most alluring shade in the world. 

markilux awning fabrics 

It is the colour and quality of the awning fabric that make the ambience on your patio and in your conservatory special. Colour nuances, patterns and  textures succeed in creating that uniquely special effect by virtue of their brightness and hue. As a leading manufacturer of top-quality awning fabrics with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacture of textiles, markilux offers an unparalleled variety. Among the more than 250 patterns in coordinated colour families, you are certain to find your very own and most exquisite fabric between heaven and earth. When it comes to making your choice, allow yourself  to be inspired, enthused, advised by your markilux specialist dealer ... 

Experience design to the full

Accessories and spare parts 

for your old markilux awning 

If you need spare parts for your old markilux awning, please contact the specialist dealer who installed your awning. They will support you and help you to order the necessary cables, hand cranks or other accessories and to repair your awning. 

If you would like to change the fabric of your old awning, you can use our 

Fabric exchange service 

. If you are interested please contact your 

regional markilux dealer 

. He will advise you extensively and help you with the entire process of changing awning fabric.