Amortization calculator for awnings:
When is it worth investing in a sun protection concept?

How quickly will my sun shading pay for itself?
Inn uses the markilux format lift in combination with other awning models for shading the catering area

Spending your free time outdoors is a trend. Restaurants, pubs, cafés and hotels also benefit from this. Outdoor seating with awnings in particular attracts more guests all year round and extends the outdoor season. This also has a positive impact on turnover and creates greater security for staff planning.

Are you unsure whether investing in a markilux awning system is worthwhile? Then use our amortization calculator, with which you can quickly and easily determine when the investment in an awning canopy is likely to pay off and what increase in turnover you can expect.

As this is a rough calculation, the results are to be understood as approximate values.

Why is it worth investing
in a high-quality awning system?

Expansion of the hospitality area

By installing a markilux awning system, you can increase the seating capacity of your restaurant terrace. By attaching it to the façade, the days of annoying parasol stands are over. The area under the sun protection can therefore be used freely, without having to worry about fixed elements. In addition, the hospitality area can generally be enlarged, as large areas can be covered with awning systems. More guests will find a shaded seating area and can enjoy their time on your patio without restriction and with the best possible protection.

Increase in turnover

The roofing of the outdoor dining area means that the terrace can also be used in bad weather. The longer opening hours of the outdoor dining area mean that the seating capacity remains high even in the off-season, as guests can continue to be seated outside in addition to the indoor areas. With the extension of the season and the longer period of use on opening days, your revenue also increases automatically. In this way, sun and weather protection contributes to business success.

Improved image and satisfied guests

Not only will you as the operator be pleased with the awning system, but your employees will thank you too. Serving guests in the shade creates a better working atmosphere. In addition, a visit to the restaurant is much more pleasant for customers if they are not sitting in the blazing sun. Independence from the weather can also help to make guests feel comfortable. Awning systems that offer shade as well as protection from wind and rain are a guarantee that people will feel comfortable on the patio and enjoy spending time there. If guests are happy, word will spread quickly so that new people will become aware of your offer and want to see your restaurant or café for themselves.

Increase in the value of your property

Investing in a high-quality awning system not only increases sales but also the value of the property. The building is not only visually enhanced, but also functionally.

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