markilux external blinds
drop-arm awning markilux 730 with yellow fabric cover and white frame on several balconies of an apartment building

markilux external blinds

The external blinds from markilux offer numerous advantages compared to conventional shading systems and are the perfect solution for your company, for example as glare protection for workplaces: They provide effective protection from dazzling sunlight and at the same time help to reduce the energy consumption and climate impact of your premises. In this way, pleasant temperatures in the office all year round lead to a good working atmosphere.

Product advantages

High-quality window shading: protection from dazzling UV rays

Prevents the interior from heating up

Transparent fabric lets in daylight and allows a view outside

External blinds with various equipment options meet individual requirements

Detail view of vertical cassette awning markilux 625: gray frame, light yellow fabric cover, wall mounted.
Detail view of vertical cassette awning markilux 710: gray frame, green fabric cover, wall mounted.
Modern brick house with flat roof. White vertical cassette awnings markilux 776 on the first floor and yellow marquisolettes markilux 740 on the upper floor serve as window shading.
Reference picture of a mx 730 with a black frame and a cream colored lettered fabric cover. The picture comes from Graz.
View from the garden on a brick house with attached winter garden, which is adjacent to a terrace with a pond. The winter garden has awnings for shading. The gable is equipped with a yellow triangular blind markilux 893.

of markilux external blinds

Our markilux external blinds give your business interiors a pleasant daytime brightness without completely blocking out the sun. The transparent awning fabrics allow you to see outside. Whether you need external sun protection for the window front of your company building or for special installation situations, our external blinds are versatile. The external awnings can be installed directly or at a distance from the wall or in a niche. They are easy to operate (electrically) and can be seamlessly integrated into your commercial building automation system. Some models can be equipped with the markilux sundrive solar module for control.

The special feature of our external awnings is their external fabric guide. The awning cover runs externally in front of the window and extends over the entire height, providing excellent protection from unwanted glances and blinding sunlight. When retracted, the fabric cover is securely protected from wind and weather in a full cassette, and when extended, it is perfectly tensioned.

Thanks to the different model types, external awnings can add a visual accent to a company building. In addition to the classic external awnings, drop-arm cassette awnings and marquisolettes can also be used to shade windows. For special installation situations such as triangular windows, gables, skylights or slopes, markiux triangular windows are suitable, which are custom-made to fit the building precisely and individually.

Technical information
markilux externa blinds

  • Awning types: Vertical cassette awnings, drop-arm awnings, marquisolettes, triangular blinds
  • Maximum width x draw (depending on model): 700 x 250 cm or 600 x 350 cm or 400 x 600
  • Options (depending on model): sundrive motor, panoramic window
  • Area to be shaded (depending on model): up to approx. 24 sqm
  • Operation: manual operation, motor, radio-controlled motor, smart home
    Available fabric covers: All fabric patterns of the markilux collection one
  • Frame colours: Traffic white RAL 9016, white-aluminum RAL 9006, grey brown similar to RAL 8019, off-white textured finish 5233, stone grey metallic 5215, anthracite metallic 5204, Havana brown textured finish 5229, special RAL
  • Fixture types: Wall, niche, ceiling, distance